Brazil: Seminar in Preparation to Start Family

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil – BFD

We held a Seminar in Preparation to Start Family at the church headquarters of Brazil in São Paulo on September 22 & 23, 2018

A total of 33 participants, 22 first generation and 11 second generation completed the  workshop.  The couples are in the 40-day separation period and soon will do the 3-day ceremony and start family.

This seminar helped each couple to have a better internal and external preparations, giving them more confidence and strength to go the right way of completing the last steps of the blessing process.

The contents of the lectures included:  The Significance of the Pledge, The Tradition and Practice of a church member, The Family Registration, The Birth of a Blessed Child, the Seunghwa Ceremony, etc., Conjugal Love, Testimony of a Blessed Sister, Victory after Blessing, Relationship of a Couple, Internal Guidance for the Newly Blessed Couples (Habits), Love and Like, The Significance of the 3-Day Ceremony and  Practical Orientation and Guide of the 3-Day Ceremony.

The couples´ exercises and group discussions (husbands´group and wives´ group) helped to distract participants and let them be involved in the workshop by interacting to each other.


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