Benin: New Ambassadors for Peace

Prepared by UPF Benin

On September 26, 2018, we had an education programs for the Peace Ambassadors which took place at the “Beau Rivage” hotel in Porto-Novo. Some of the participants who are Public Servants of the National Assembly of Benin were honored as the ambassadors for peace. Our education program this time sponsored by the Honorable Eric HOUNDETE, First Vice-President of the National Assembly of Benin and President of International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace of Benin (IAPP-Benin).

This program began with the welcoming message from the President of the WFWP Benin, Mrs. LOKO Marie-Jeanne. Then we had a presentation about the five universal principles of the Peace Ambassadors by the President of the Youth and Students for Peace Benin, Mr. Gaétan DANDJESSO.

Afterwards that there was award ceremony for the eight new Peace Ambassadors. The Honorable Eric HOUNDETE urged the recipients to work harder to promote peace. Also, the President of the WFWP Benin and the General Secretary of the UPF-Benin respectively thanked the women Ambassadors and encouraged them to give the best of themselves in this new mission which was entrusted to them.

The president of the Network of Parliamentary Public Servants in Benin was very happy with this event and was grateful to the Founder of the WFWP. She also urged fellow female recipients to work harder to promote peace wherever they are. She finally promised on behalf of all the distinguished women never to disappoint the WFWP and its Founder Mrs. Hak-Ja Han Moon.

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