Benin: Caravan of Peace

Prepared by FFWPU/UPF Benin

As part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace (21 September) and the International Day of Non-Violence (2 October), FFWPU Benin and UPF Benin, in collaboration with other structures, organized through the Tribal Messiahs of Ouémé and Zou a Caravane de Paix.

The main objective of this Caravan is to prepare an environment for the testimony and intense blessing activities and to obtain support from the authorities for the success of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah

The Caravan crossed 12 communes with 26 volunteers. The Artists’ Association played a big role in the success of the initiative.

At each stage of the Caravan, the Convoy of Peace marks its passage through a Declaration of Peace in the presence of the First Authority of the Commune (The Mayor) or his Representative who also gives a message of peace and signs the Declaration of Peace jointe.

Following this Caravan, there will be a week of peace in each commune traveled and whose major activity will be the Blessing of at least 120 Couples.

Participants described the activity as a good initiative and visibly expressed their support and promised to lend their support. We feel the environment is really propitious and the assistance of the spiritual world is more than real, immediate and instantaneous.

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