Austria: Charity Concert and a Blessing at the Syrian Orthodox Church

by Elisabeth Seidel & Renate Amesbauer, FFWPU Austria

On 29.Sept. we organized a Charity Concert for helping Syrian refugee families and we conducted a blessing ceremony.

On the Foundation of Elisabeth Seidel and her husband Dietrich (who passed to spirit world 2 yrs. ago) who have been friends with this church for many years. 5 years ago we already conducted two charity events for them, one with Seiko Lee.

At each meeting Dietrich Seidel had been teaching about Family values. He also gave a testimony of True Parents with a slideshow.

At the concert last week the president of the Austrian Family Federation, Mrs. Elisabeth Cook gave a presentation about family values and the purpose of the Family Federation. Her speech was followed by the Syrian-orthodox priest of that parish, Abuna Toma, who explained about the importance of the family based on the biblical teachings.

At the end of the program WFWP President Renate Amesbauer could explain in a simple way about the blessing ceremony and the vows.

The holy juice has been prepared in advance in small glasses and displayed on each dining table so that everybody could take a cup and drink a toast to Family and Peace before starting the dinner.

The event became possible mainly by the dedicated investment of one lady, chair of the church council of the Syrian Orthodox parish “Holy Mary in Vienna”. She is also a local politician of the Conservative Party of the government.

The wonderful program had been a compilation of musical talents of the Syrian community and the “Vienna Peace Choir” of the Family Federation as well as their soloists. Several VIPs from the Vienna city council participated, as well as the chair of the “Oriental Christians in Austria”, a journalist and a Catholic nun, who is famous for her Pro Family and Pro Live Activity.

It was a big victory that the Vienna Peace Choir could perform and Mrs. Cook could deliver her speech in front of these mostly very Catholic politicians and other VIPs. They could experience our organisation from a new perspective, which surprised them.

At the tables we were able to share the Holy Juice with everybody, which meant that we could distribute 120 glasses of Holy Wine.

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