Australia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop in Sydney


By Soon Teck Lim, FFWPU Australia

During the 6th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa, True Mother expressed her heart that Heavenly Tribal Messiahs are the hope of True Parents. With the Blessing of True Parents, blessed couples are to realise the purpose of creation. We are to realise true family that God wishes to return and dwell. As True Parents’ representatives, we are to extend this Blessing to our tribe. She encouraged all blessed to become victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs by 2020.

In 2017, True Mother initiated the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy (HTMA) to support blessed families. This year, HTMA has been holding educational tour worldwide to guide members regarding HTM activities. HTMA has visited five regions in Korea and Japan respectively. They have since travelled to Europe and is coming to Oceania to conduct the 2-Day HTM workshop.


2-Day HTM Workshop in Sydney

From the end of September to October, HTM workshops have been held in Brisbane and Melbourne to share True Mother’s heart regarding HTM. During these workshops, blessed couples made resolution to become HTM Victors. A total of 29 blessed couples made the resolution in Brisbane and Melbourne.

These workshops paved the way for the 2-Day HTM Workshop in Sydney, held from 20-21 Oct. Director of HTMA, Rev Jin-Hun Yong, was invited to provide education during the 2-Day workshop. Rev Yong also came to share True Mother’s heart and encourage members. On the 1st day of the workshop, Rev Yong presented on the topic, “What is a Heavenly Tribal Messiah?” This is based on HTM book 1. He was able to present the meaning of HTM and explained that the purpose of HTM is to become true parents ourselves. We are to return to the original blueprint of creation which God intended to establish in the beginning. That is to realize a true family.

Rev Yong is also experienced in couples counseling and therapy. Family is the foundation for HTM activities. He conducted interactive family program on couples’ relationship. Husbands, wives, and teenage youth were engaging in this dynamic interaction during the workshop. A total of 40 members attended the 1st day and 65 members attended the 2nd day workshop.

On the 2nd day of the workshop on Sunday, in the morning session, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy was launched in Oceania. Rev Yong shared about the significance of HTM Academy as the vehicle to provide education and resources to support HTM activities. He introduced the English-version five books of HTM that were recently completed and launched in Korea. Rev Park, the Regional President, shared about the vision of True Parents in realizing God’s dream. He congratulated the launch of HTM Academy and emphasized the importance doing HTM with the motivation of God’s love, rather than driven by external result.

In the afternoon session, Rev Yong shared on the topic, “Becoming a Heavenly Tribal Messiah” This is based on HTM book 2 & 3. He shared in great details the nine common points why HTM Victors succeed in the HTM activity. He also shared about Family Hoon Dok and how we can encourage our children at home to lead HDH reading.

In the final session, we conducted Resolution Ceremony for blessed couples in Sydney. A total of 11 couples made the resolution. That brings it to a total of 40 blessed couples making HTM Resolution in Australia.


HTM Director and Coordinators

Rev Soon Teck Lim will support HTM development in Oceania as the regional HTM director.  John Adamedes, Reiko Stone, and Yves Moreau will be supporting HTM development as the HTM director in QLD, NSW, and VIC respectively.


Members were inspired and are determined than ever before to become HTM Victors. At the same time, members realize the challenges that lie ahead. We will work to become true couples and true parents first. At the same time, we will strive harder to extend the Blessings to our neighbors and tribe through HTM activities.



Special thanks to Ken Schmittat and Ahjeong Yoo as translators for Rev Yong during the 2-Day HTM Workshop. A team consisting of Reiko, Silvana, Rika, Esther and Minori assisted with the food preparation. We would like to thank Peace Embassy members, led by Mayumi, for their support in staffing. Finally, we also would like to thank Mr Hyun Yong Cho, who is the assistant to Rev Yong for his role in communication and consultation before and after the workshop.

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