Argentina: Appointing 17 New Peace Ambassadors

By Miguel Werner, UPF Argentina

On September 6, UPF Argentina appointed 17 new Peace Ambassadors during the celebration of the International Day of Friendship 2018. The event took place in the Autonomías Hall from Club Español, in Buenos Aires City.

During the meeting, UPF-Argentina’s Director, Carlos Varga, talked about the Principles of Peace and the mission of Peace Ambassadors. This way, Ambassadors can have a greater commitment to peace in these times of crisis, changes, and opportunities. We also showed the videos: Introduction to UPF and Peace Road 2018.

Some of the new Ambassadors for Peace are journalists, directors of NGOs, singers and professionals from different specialties. Each new Peace Ambassador expressed their gratitude and commitment in their moving testimonies. They received a diploma, the UPF Founder’s autobiography “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen,” the UPF inaugural address, and the declarations on the International Day of Families and the World Interfaith Harmony Week. They also received a UPF pin, given by each Ambassador’s godparent or godmother. New Peace Ambassadors also received a tree to join the global campaign, Let’s Plant Trees: Let’s Sow the Seeds of Peace. This is an initiative of the ecological-literary program “Y volverán a ser árboles,” led by two Peace Ambassadors, and UPF Argentina, which seeks to raise awareness on environmental protection and commitment to peace.

The young Peace Ambassadors from Japan opened the artistic section. They performed Kaze ni Naru (Become the Wind) and Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana (The One and Only Flower in the World). The last performance was in charge of the lyrical singer Alejandro Brunengo, a new Peace Ambassador.

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