Andorra: International Day of Peace

By Lluis Babi, UPF Andorra

In commemoration of the International Day of Peace this year, UPF Andorra with the cooperation of the Andorra Football Federation organized the Football Peace Tournament on 22 September 2018 in Andorra Football Federation’s Football Camp in the Capital of Andorra, under the theme of “Play Football Make Peace”.

The Andorra Football Federation organized all the event by inviting four Children’s Football teams (from the age of 12-13 years old from different Football Clubs), to be played in their Football field and provide the trophies. Altogether, there were 60 children, the coaches and more than 60 people participated.

We had an honor of one of the Member of Andorra’s Parliament from Liberal Party, His Excellency Jordi Gallardo, came to see the matches and he gave the trophies to the winning teams.

The Andorra Football Federation published the invitation of this event in the National Newspaper, Diari d’ Andorra, as the First Edition of the Peace Tournament.

It was the beautiful day for the football matches with lots of fun for the players and a meaningful purpose of “Playing Football Make Peace”. Everyone was very happy to participate in this meaningful Peace Tournament and looking forward for the future events.


Translated from the Video at the Football field:

This was the training center of the Andorran Football Federation this weekend on the occasion of the first edition of the Football Peace Tournament. The Children’s categories of the “Santa Coloma Football Club”, “Futsal La Massana”, “Inter Escaldes” and “Engordany” have given an appointment to support Peace from Andorra to around the world.

UPF Director, Lluis Babi, said “As representatives of the Universal Peace Federation International, we are able to do something in Andorra, although this is still not very well-known and although there are not many people participating and doing this activity, but the reality is that we want to achieve Peace.”

Glassrot Manager of Andorran Football Federation, Mr. Pere Babot, said “For the Andorran Football Federation, it is important that the Universal Peace Federation have thought of us to make this tournament and we hope it will be the first in a series to come in the next few years.”

It was an event organized by the Andorran Football Federation and the Universal Peace Federation in addition coincides with the week of Peace Day proposed by UEFA in its big goal program with the hashtag.

“Inter Escaldes Team” won the tournament to beat the finals of the “Santa Coloma Football Club”, the third place went to “Futsal La Massana” won over “the Engordany Team”.

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