Albania: Peace Road 2018

Prepared by UPF Albania

The third day of Peace Road Balkans 2018 was very intense. We had 3 activities within the day.

The Alps of Montenegro have nested a city with the warm heart of a kindling fire, from where peace springs from the hearts of the locals and spreads through the Balkans and the world. That city is Rozaje, and the hall of the Cultural Center was full of peace loving people, especially youngsters. Filled with performances from local talents and noted supportive speeches from the municipality of Rozaje, the inspiration to continue further was grown massively!

After the cheering start of the day in Rozaje, the municipality of Peja had already prepared a more than warm welcome, a traditional hospitality, including artistic performances, not only for us that brought the flag of Peace Road to Peja, but to spread forth the Peace and will for cooperation in the region.

Peja was a gateway for Kosovo but the capital of the country was waiting us in the city hall of Pristina to celebrate the peaceful heart of the people of this city and the strong determination to be an example in the Balkans of Peace and true love. Let us all be inspired and take the flag of Peace Road further in the Balkans and bring peace in the hearts of every person!


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