Albania: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On October 13, 2018, a Family Festival and the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony was held in the Kenete of Durres to fulfill the mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah for our city, centered on the Blessed Family Arjan and Eranda Haziraj.

We had about 210 participants, of whom 91 couples received Blessing. The MC was Arjan Haziraj and he began the event with some entertainment program where this time was able to perform on piano a talented girl Era Kume, whose parents were invited during the witnessing and received the blessing. You could not miss the dance “Mujogeon” by the Japanese missionaries of Durres.

Before the lecture began, a gift show took place where couples were asked to share some positive qualities of their partners, thus breaking the ice to attend the ceremony.

Part of the important program was also a lecture explaining the importance and process of receiving the Blessing which was done by the president of FFWPU Albania, Mr. Gani Rroshi. We had an introductory video presentation about the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. Then after the holy wine ceremony Rev. Gi Yeong Shin representative of True Parents for Albania, officiated the blessing ceremony and which was followed by the Indemnity Stick ceremony.

All participants in the blessing ceremony stayed till the end of the program. And because some of them came alone, they had a home work to do and it was to bring the holy wine for their partner. Though physical hardships during home visits, we are happy because the families, warmly welcomed us and are very positive and grateful for the opportunity to participate in in this ceremony.

We are grateful to all the members of Durres, especially young people who, although they have only recently known the True Parents or the Divine Principle, were willing to support the event. At the beginning of the ceremony, a part of them commit to take care of the children of the families who come to the Festival, following a program prepared for them with songs, poems and fun games. We are also grateful to members of other cities who came and support the event.

The blessing ceremony ended with four cheers of Eok-Mansei leead by Mr. Gani Rroshi. After that we had some entertainment such as a song by Japanese sisters, an Albanian dance initiated by the CARP and youth of Durres, where they invited the participants to dance together creating a family atmosphere. At the end we had cocktail prepared with much love for the participants and their kids.

When participants were leaving, they all received a autobiography of True Father “As a Peace- Loving Global Citizen” packed together with the explanatory material for the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony.

We pray and hope that, with tireless investment, we can bring Heavenly Parent and True Parents blessing to our people and our nation.

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