USA: Subregion 5 Pastors’ Retreat in Las Vegas

by Larry Krishnek, FFWPU USA

A total of 26 pastors and community representatives from Subregion 5 gathered in person and in spirit for a pastors’ retreat from September 14 to 17. Those who could make it met at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas, while the rest joined in via a joint ZOOM call. The retreat was a big step forward towards unity which provided an opportunity for pastors to share their challenges and victories with one another.

In December 2017, True Mother created the five subregions in America so that Unificationists from different states could join forces and support one another in their efforts to bring about peace and unity to the United States. All of the subregions are big, but the Western Subregion encompasses nine states stretching from Alaska to Montana to Hawaii. With such a large region, it was important for the pastors to get to know one another in a more intimate setting.

After arriving in Las Vegas on Friday, the group heard testimonies from Rev. Young Tack Yang, Rev. Kazuo Takami and Western Subregional Director Rev. Larry Krishnek about the events in Korea and the special three-day leaders’ workshop. With the words of True Mother fresh in their hearts, the pastors had a strong unison prayer in the living room. Next, each pastor had the opportunity to speak about the history of his or her ministry, work, challenges, and hopes.

The first session on Saturday was dedicated to listening to an energetic and inspirational testimony from Steve and Hisae Childs, Unificationists who have completed their goal as tribal messiahs by sharing the Holy Marriage Blessing with 430 people. Even though he has already accomplished so much, Steve remained eager to learn from others who were gathered there. He and his wife appeared excited to continue growing their family and took notes on possible resources and next steps. In the next session, those who had gathered in Las Vegas shared stories from their own communities in Northern California, Los Angeles, Seattle and Hawaii.

On Sunday, the representatives and pastors gathered for Sunday Service to hear Rev. Ken Doo speak at the Las Vegas Family Church. Following lunch, they listened to a presentation from Rev. Kevin Thompson regarding the opportunities and challenges surrounding Korean reunification. The final part of the day was utilized to plan and prepare for the upcoming Hyojeong Cheongpyeong tour, which will be visiting Las Vegas in October, as well as True Mother’s trip to America on November 12.


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