USA: Georgia Pastor Describes Life-Changing Experience in Korea


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On September 20, nearly 40 participants attended the monthly Prayer Breakfast of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Atlanta chapter on September 20, which was held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott hotel.

The phrase “God so loved the world” became very real for one Christian pastor while attending the three-day Special Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Workshop held in Seoul, Korea in August. While at the Prayer Breakfast, Apostle James C. Thomas Sr., the senior pastor of the Chosen Generation International Ministries in Lilburn, Georgia, told about his life-changing experience in Korea.

Apostle Thomas was one of a dozen members of the clergy from the United States who traveled to Seoul to attend the International Leadership Conference held by Universal Peace Federation from August 26 to 29.

During a break in the conference, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr., the National Co-Chairman of ACLC, invited Apostle Thomas to visit a Buddhist temple. At the temple, Apostle Thomas was surprised at how warmly Archbishop Stallings was greeted by the monks. When Archbishop Stallings was asked to speak to the congregation, they responded enthusiastically. Apostle Thomas remarked: “Archbishop [Stallings] is such a dynamic speaker. He could address a roomful of atheists and have them on their feet shouting and clapping their hands.”

While in Korea, Apostle Thomas realized deeply the meaning of John 3:16: “God so loved the world” through meeting clergy and political leaders from around the world. He understood that God truly loves the entire world, not just the Pentecostal world or the Catholic world, or the world of one race or another.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Prayer Breakfast. The food, fellowship, preaching of the Word, and the love that filled the room blessed me beyond words! I left there feeling so much more rejuvenated and strengthened to continue in the work God has called and equipped me to do.” – Pastor Ann Webb

“Ministers, Pastors, Bishops, Ambassadors, Evangelists and Disciples came together to pray, encourage, uplift each other and their ministries. It was such a spiritual high that I am still feasting on it. The sermon was true food for the soul. Every time I attend an ACLC program I look forward to each opportunity God allows me to be present in the company of such great men and women.” – Pastor Denise Freeman

“The Prayer Breakfast is where the truly ecumenical spirit can be heard and celebrated. I enjoyed the fellowship and look forward to it monthly.” – Rev. Samuel Mosteller

“It was a truly an honor to see God at work and doing the miraculous. It was a life changing moment. May ACLC continue to manifest in our lives.” – Mr. Jerome Washington

“Being in the room restored my belief that in this world of chaos peace is still possible among all men of different races and faiths.” – Pastor Pat Martin

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