USA: Freedom from Fallen Love

Prepared by FFWPU USA

Welcome to True Parents Way! Last week’s video is entitled, “Set Free from the Hell of Fallen Love.” Reverend Moon spoke honestly about the morality of sex. “Now, let us discover the dividing line between heaven and hell,” he said. “Is it up in the air? Where is it? It is your sexual organ. …If you use your sexual organ like a blind person aimlessly wandering without direction, it will undoubtedly lead you as its owner to hell. By the same token, if you use your sexual organ according to the standard of God’s absolute love, you will be led high up into heaven.” He spoke these words at the founding of the Family Federation for World Peace.

Our blog covered the one fundamental responsibility of God’s children. In True Mother’s words, it is “to be a central figure in carrying on the tradition.” What is the essential tradition? The essential tradition is to offer the private resources for the public purpose to God through True Parents. The original model is a child’s offering to their parent. But in restoration, the younger brother stands in the “office” of parent. This principle of Cain and Abel defines God’s internal providence. We talk about why it’s so difficult to fulfill.

Our Holy Marriage Blessing podcast was “Partnership for Peace.” Friendship is for fun; partnership is for purpose. Marriage should be friendship, of course, but it’s deeper and more long-lasting root is partnership, and partnership is defined by purposes. The purposes of marriage are to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. When those purposes are fulfilled, we have peace, freedom, unification and happiness. And fun too.

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