USA: CARP Las Vegas kicks off the Fall semester with Higher Love


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On August 30th, CARP Las Vegas had an outreach kick-off at the Free Speech Zone at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). From 9am to 3pm, CARP members from UNLV and College of Southern Nevada and enthusiastically reached out to students on campus. Many students were introduced to CARP activities and invited to the first Tribe Talk of the semester, which would take place that evening.

The CARP band was instrumental in creating a bright atmosphere for now-a-tradition outreach kick-off at the beginning of each semester.  The power of their music was evident as many students would just stop and enjoy the music, singing and dancing along. Some students passing by were eager to play or sing with the band for a song or two.

A number of friends and guests from the last semester as well as Las Vegas community members came to support the event or just simply to be with us.  The day became a wonderful reunion after the long summer break, and we felt we could start the new semester with a high spirits and a sense of connection.

The first Tribe Talk at Learning Center

Later that evening was the first Tribe Talk of the semester at the Learning Center.  CARP members, Tribe Talk “Regulars” as well as new friends quickly moved through the Learning Center as they joyfully prepared special summer drinks and food while catching up with each other.

Initially started by Japanese CIG missionaries, Tribe Talk has been a consistent outreach and educational program held by every single week for the past 4 years.  It has been inspiring to see the growth of the program and the transformations of those who have come and attended the weekly discussions. Through study of different Principles and discussions, a beautiful space where participants can connect and share inspirations is created.

This weeks topic was “How can I experience true happiness?” and the Principle was “True lasting happiness comes from living for the sake of others.” Through the discussion and sharings, we found the importance of investing into our brothers and sisters.

The feeling at this tribe talk was one of reunion and joy at seeing old guests come back after the summer. In total, 37 people gathered at the Learning Center, comprising of carp members new and old and local community members.

CSN Tribe Talk 9/4/18

The first Tribe Talk of the year at CSN was a success! Tribe Talk is an event that is held by CARP in which students from all sorts of faiths and backgrounds get to come together and discuss the important questions of life. In this day and age, meaningful conversation often gets lost between the matters of media and modern society, forcing students to neglect aspects of their lives that truly matter. For the first week of Tribe Talk, students discussed the topic of happiness and the idea that true, lasting happiness comes on the basis of living for the sake of others. It’s a question that everyone is seeking the answer to, and everyone was eager to talk about. Students had the opportunity to read some of Father’s words on the topic and then really share openly with each other what their thoughts were. Many shared that they really experienced this principle within their own lives. Some even talked about past negative experiences in which they were able to see that temporary solutions like drugs and alcohol never bring about true happiness. In the end, everyone was encouraged to apply this principle and see for themselves how it truly plays out.

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