USA: Buhaybuhay Sa Amerika 1st Anniversary Celebration


By Rebecca R. Hannah, WFWP USA (September 13th, 2018)

“My realization on all these things that happen to me in this past year is this… Don’t wait for the perfect moment to follow your dream. Take the moment and every opportunity that is given to you and make it perfect as long as you won’t lose your values. Follow your heart and God will guide you.” – Rhia Luz Nkulu

On the evening of August 25th, St. Paul Catholic Church Hall in Phoenix drew a huge attendance, over 500 guests and visitors came to celebrate the first anniversary of Buhay Buhay Sa Amerika which was launched a year ago by Rhia Luz Nkulu, founder of the live online radio program aired from the Entre Mujeres radio station. This event was not just unprecedented in terms of the crowd it drew, but was a most celebratory occasion as it was dedicated to the most enduring value of Filipinos: marriage and family unity.

Coincidentally, this gathering also marked Rhia’s 26th wedding anniversary. She saw this as an opportune time to honor marriage and family by co-celebrating with other married couples: a fulfillment of one of her long-held dreams. So, after arduous months of preparation, coordination, and collaboration with her supportive and creative planning committee members, the program included a toast in honor of all the married couples in attendance. Generous supporters and benefactors who kept Buhay Buhay sa Amerika up and running were acknowledged, including WFWP Arizona; Rhia credited being the Chairwoman of WFWP as having allowed her to meet the people and connections that gave her, her start. Last but not least, a special recognition was awarded to eight couples who have been married for 50 – 60 years. Each of these wonderful couples was interviewed to find out what made their marriage last.

It was intriguing to listen to their stories, and though each response in regards to the strength and endurance of their marriage differed slightly, the common thread was their faith: the strong desire to keep their family united as God has commanded. By putting their faith into action, especially during challenging times, they were able to realize that marriage — just as any human relationship — is flawed, and not perfect at all.  As Fr. Bruno, the keynote speaker, pointed out, the “domestic church” aka the “family unit” is the highest expression of God’s reflection in the whole scheme of creation. What happens on the home-front impacts the community, the society, and the world as a whole, especially with the ever-evolving dynamic of life in this age and time.

Rhia had envisioned that Buhay Buhay sa Amerika would serve as a platform to inform, inspire, and connect its audiences from all over, local and global, to discuss relevant issues that impact their lives in contemporary society. Be it in the United States of America, or elsewhere in the world, the show would help her voice to reach them. Each episode features themes that resonate in a personal way to her audience who engage in discussion with her invited guests over a wide range of human interest subjects. These include mother-daughter relationships, Bayanihan sa Arizona, women of faith and substance, Pinoy Media pioneers, love and marriage, women’s month, honoring early Pinoy pioneers, Pinoy nurses, Fil-Am 2nd generations, and “beyond the crown”, which relates to the Filipinos propensity for beauty pageants.

Her program showcases community leaders, entrepreneurs, local artists and performers (both established and aspiring) as well as other emerging professionals in different fields of learning and expertise. Her guests share and exchange ideas and opinions to stimulate and inspire the audience, especially the younger generation. Buhay Buhay Sa Amerika involves young people in all its programming activities in order to empower, educate, and energize them to thrive and succeed in the fast-changing world. At the core of this is the desire to inculcate in them respect and appreciation of the rich tradition and history which is part of their cultural heritage.

“The mission and vision of BuhayBuhay sa Amerika is that we can use this media as a voice for our people and a way to bring our talents and events in the community and build a stronger force in Arizona and America as we work together as a cohesive team and a community helping and promoting one another and lending a hand to make each one succeed. We are here for each other. I want to promote family atmosphere and our true values and traditions we admire most as Filipinos despite being here in America.” – Rhia

As a staunch advocate of women empowerment, Rhia Luz hopes to utilize her show to promote peace and unity among peoples despite individual, regional, and cultural differences. A stubborn optimist throughout her life in spite of encountering barriers of all kinds, Rhia remains focused on this lofty goal. Thus the emphasis on Marriage and Family Unity on this auspicious occasion — because everything starts from home. By working together, families become one family under God, and that is where true unity lies.

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