USA: 25th True Love Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU USA

On August 31, the 25th True Love Weekend Divine Principle Seminar hosted twelve participants for a weekend of learning and growth. Among them were several new guests hearing the Divine Principle for the first time. Although English was not the first language of two of the attendees, they seemed to catch the key points of the Divine Principle and were all genuinely excited by what they learned about the Marriage Blessing.

Rev. Andrew Compton, Director of Education at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC), shared how touched he was to see the sincere efforts of Steve Cox and Anton Smirnov, two Unificationists from Oregon who have been working hard as a team witnessing every day, to introduce people to the Unification movement through the educational programs at IPEC and those offered by CARP, the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles. “I hope more Unificationists can realize the value of having their guests hear the Divine Principle,” said Rev. Compton.

“I am always grateful to come to IPEC,” said Steve Cox. “I have been bringing my contacts to Las Vegas since 2014. I always have a good experience witnessing many hours each day. I hope in the future we can bring many more people to participate in these workshops.”

Each participant had an experience that was unique to their journey. One participant from the Middle East who was learning about the Divine Principle for first time said the content shows a great effort to make society more unified and giving. Another participant who studied the Divine Principle text throughout his life said hearing it from Rev. Compton provided insights he never would have thought of himself. And a young woman who was hearing Divine Principle for the first time said she had always believed in God but that this retreat was an eye-opening experience.

During the short span of the weekend, participants also had the chance to visit the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead and received what Rev. Compton said was a “special blessing of snowfall on the way home from the Grand Canyon.”

True Love Divine Principle weekend seminars are held quarterly and week-long Divine Principle retreats are held monthly. Visit to sign up for the upcoming retreat taking place between September 12-18.

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