UK: Janos and Mami Journey to The Blessing


By Joshua McGuigan, FFWPU UK

Janos Papp and Mami Morimitsu first met one another in January 2018. Eight months later, together they will travel to South Korea to participate in the Blessing ceremony in order have their marriage Blessed by True Parents.

Meet Janos and Mami Janos, 37, of Hungarian origin, worked as a history teacher before moving to the UK. While the UK provided better work opportunities, being away from friends and family left him feeling alone and unfulfilled. His life took an unexpected turn when he met a Japanese missionary who invited him to a Japanese culture evening at Lancaster Gate. Janos was already intrigued by Japanese culture, so he readily accepted the invitation. Since that initial meeting with a Japanese missionary four years ago, he began to regularly attend study groups and Sunday services, in which he learnt about the core values and principles of the Unification church.

Mami, 37, from Japan, grew up in the church as a Jacob’s Child at the height of negative press towards the church. As she grew older, she struggled with various aspects of church life. By the time she graduated high school, she wanted nothing more to do with the church. She moved to work in America after her teenage years, yet by her late twenties she found herself breaking down, faced with a life crisis.

Desperately seeking change in her life, she returned home to Japan which meant a return to church life after years of no connection to the movement.

Upon rekindling her spiritual life and relationship with God, she decided she would like to be Blessed within the movement.

While Janos and Mami come from entirely different church backgrounds, on the outset they did have something in common: the desire to marry based on a higher purpose.

The Process

Through matching advisors Mami met Janos’s spiritual mother, who by coincidence, lived in the same province in Japan as Mami. Upon hearing about Janos, Mami had a good feeling about him and wished to inquire about a potential matching process. However, it turned out that even after three years of attending study group sessions, Janos’s Divine Principle knowledge was severely lacking thus meaning he was illegible to enter the matching process. Disappointed and discouraged, Mami felt like she had hit another brick wall, as previous attempts to find a suitable match also didn’t amount to much.

Yet, within the next six months, Janos attended a seven-day Divine Principle workshop and alongside mentoring from the Hungarian national leader, became eligible to enter the matching process as a 1st Generation candidate. Mami had almost given up trying to get matched until she was notified that Janos available was a potential candidate.

Once they began contacting each other they quickly came to the realisation that they were somewhat compatible. A promising start to the process encouraged the couple to invest into the relationship, which they both wanted to work.

However, as the weeks and months passed various challenges arose. The 8- hour time difference between the UK and Japan, the language barrier and technical difficulties all came together to put a huge strain on the relationship. These challenges are inevitable in long-distance relationships, yet the challenges made it difficult for the relationship to continue to grow. At his point, the couple hadn’t even seen each other in person so they were encouraged to do so before deciding either to continue with the process, or call it quits.

Thankfully, their relationship took a U- turn for the better once they met in the UK for the first time. Mami realised how seriously Janos wanted the matching and Blessing to work out and how much it meant to him, while Janos was able to better relate with and understand Mami. As they spent more time together, their relationship managed to grow to the point that they both decided they wished to attend the Blessing together.

A future together

Mami moved to the UK in April for the relationship to continue to flourish and develop. Since then, the couple became legally married and were able to sort out external matters such as legal documentation, that would have otherwise proved arduous to arrange if the couple were separated. They believe that over this period of getting to know one another and sorting out external matters, they were able to build a foundation for their future married life together. The pair are very grateful to all of their supporters, who brought them together, helped them through challenges and guided them towards the Blessing.

The couple are both nervous and excited for the upcoming Blessing, as it marks a turning point in their lives which they look forward to eagerly.

We hope that for Janos and Mami, the Blessing can be joyous and precious ceremony so that it can pave the way for a prosperous future together.

What does The Blessing mean to you?

Mami: “It means a new life, a new beginning for my life. I’m hoping that I can change my life for the better.”

Janos: “To me, The Blessing is a commitment, but not only to myself. The Blessing is a commitment to my belief that the world can be a better place.”

This message was sent by Kimika Kuganuma (first 2nd generation missionary to the UK): Janos is her spiritual son. This is the first time that a 2nd generation missionary sent someone for the Blessing from Europe.

I would like to report a very happy message about Janos Papp, whom originally came from Hungary and who had I met during my witnessing in the UK. He received the blessing with a Japanese lady this last blessing.

Thank you so much for the Jeong Seong Hwe members, as well as Mr Hayashi, Mrs Ann Kobayashi, Noemi, Biyo also South London Pastor. As well as the many more people who loved and cared for him after even I left from England. I am just so grateful to Heavenly parents and True Parents.

Janos’ parents could not come to Korea, so I attended the blessing ceremony on their behalf. I saw Janos and his wife Mami together, my emotion was beyond words. It was God and True Parents who was waiting for their blessing and celebrating with them more than anybody.

I am not sure that I could convey God’s joy and happiness to you, but I was grateful that I could participate in this historical blessing and I am more determining to go God’s will without stopping. I pray for your success and prosperity.

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