UK: Hyojeong Trip and Service project Kumamoto 2018



By Mieko Davies, FFWPU UK

We all came back from the Hyojeong Trip and Kumamoto Service Project safely after a busy schedule for one month. The participants; 4 people from UK and 2 people from Germany.

The highlight was that True Mother invited us, 360 people to the Japanese victory celebration party and received her special words for our group.

The young people and 1st Gens united with True Mother’s determination.

Next year we will bring 1200 young people, J-CARP, K-CARP, USA CARP and international CARP each country bring 300 people. Japanese CARP and especially Korean CARP realized that the Hyojeong Trip was not just a USA CARP project. It is a worldwide young peoples’ project.

I believe that the UK and European young people should connect with providential countries and the world level.

*Please look at the following videos. They are performing at the celebration party: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

In the beginning we had a 2-day Divine Principle workshop with lectures from Mr Nakamura and Mr Kachi. It was very good; especially after Mr Kachi finished his lecture, during the final prayer our young people were crying and determined to work for the providence.

After activities with J-CARP in Japan, we went to Korea and visited the GMZ and performed a Peace Rally. Korean members of Korea were moved by CARP members’ praying with tears for the sorrow of God and for the sake of the North Korea people.

In the center of Korea, we also held a rally for the North and South Korean unification, I could see hope that the reunification of the North and South could be realized through young people. Prayer at GMZ

After the Hyojeong Trip, only European members went to Kumamoto via Kyoto and Fukuoka for the service project.

On the first day we visited the Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Prefectural director to establish the Peace Road project. They treated us like VIPs, and it seems that they never experienced such a large scale of project with local government

Also, we taught English at the temporary housing of the earthquake victims. Young people and children came. They were very pleased, and they shared their experience of the earthquake.

European members, Kumamoto CARP and other Japanese, Korean people rode bicycles for the Peace Road project in very hot weather. Well done to Caleb, Julia and Max.

We stayed at one of the churches in Kumamoto, two young couples who are youth group leaders looked after us and young blessed wives with small babies organized the projects. They were very active. We were very impressed with their hospitality.

Finally, I sincerely express my gratitude to you for supporting this project. Special thanks go to British brothers and sisters for their donations. Thank you very much.!

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