True Mother Speaks at the Victory Celebration

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True Mother delivered the following words at the Victory Celebration for the three successful events, Sixth Anniversary Celebration to Commemorate True Father’s Holy Ascension and 2018 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing and the Dedication Ceremony for the Cheon Bo Won Genealogy Center, on August 28, 2018 at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center


Do we have hope? [Yes] Do we have dreams? [Yes] Can we do it? [Yes] Then that’s it.

The issue is, however, that we are not in the era of the complete realization of Heavenly Parent’s dream, humanity’s wish and True Parents’ dream. We are in the era of marching toward that. We are in a new history of the providence. True Parents began the Cheon Il Guk era and blessed families and Unificationists throughout the world are marching toward the firm realization of Cheon Il Guk through fulfilling their responsibilities as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. Our goal is clearly defined.

I am sure you saw the video about Iguazu Falls yesterday. Hundreds of rivulets combine to form a giant waterfall and stream. When you look at blessed families in the Unification movement—specifically at the number of families that completed the Heavenly Tribal Messiah responsibilities—it comes to about 700,000, I think. However, each year, the population of the world increases. Not long ago, I heard that the population of the world was 7.5 billion, but Dr. Ki Hoon Kim says that it is 7.6 billion. Indeed, since this information comes from America, the democratic nation at the center of the world, I think it is accurate.

If that is the case, how can 7.6 billion people become one stream? How many years will this take? All of you must reflect on this. We speak of “being united as one” far too easily. This phrase encompasses oneness of heart, oneness of will and oneness of action. However, when you look at your substantial self, you can see that your mind and body are at odds. The mind wishes to do this but the body refuses to listen. Is that so or isn’t that so?

How can mind and body unite within oneself? For this to happen, you must let go of everything. In the past, I did this and that. I am doing such and such right now. My level of intellectual thought is such and such. You must let go of all considerations like these. You must strive to achieve unity of mind and body from a state of nothingness and march forward in a state of unity.

After today’s program, the Leaders’ Assembly was scheduled to take place. However, beginning now and regardless of whether they are high or low, all leaders must let go of everything and spend the next three days in a special workshop. [Applause]

Your goal must be to learn how conflicting minds and bodies can unite with the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother. You must make greater effort.

True Parents’ thoughts are for the greater whole. When True Parents decide to do something, the leaders’ thoughts must be in pursuit of understanding True Parents’ will. There can be no room for personal thoughts. When I give a directive, all leaders must align with the heart of investing everything.

Do you understand what this means? You must let go of all self-centered elements, become one again with True Mother and properly invest yourselves in the workshop, thinking of how you should act and what you should do to realize national restoration victoriously by 2020 and the restoration of the world.

Therefore, if you all properly reset your mind and body and are in a state of unity, I shall give you the determination and the answer regarding the direction to take to advance and to realize victory. Until then, with whom should you unite? [True Mother!] Exactly. You must spend the next three days emptying yourselves of everything and uniting with Mother. Do you understand? [Aju!] [Applause]

I am sure you felt many similar things in yesterday’s musical as well. I am the Mother. This is the Last Days. It is written in the Bible that going against the Messiah is forgivable but going against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. This is the last chance. With regard to your lives, with regard to human history, you must unite with me. Anyone who has thoughts that impede unity with me has no hope. Do you understand? [Aju!] [Yes!] [Applause] During this period, I hope you become spotless and pure gold. Do you understand? [Yes!] [Applause]

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