Togo: Seminar and Blessing for Religious Leaders


Prepared by FFWPU Togo

On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September there was a seminar followed by the Blessing of Religious Leaders’ Couples in Lomé, at the headquarters of one of the Religious Leaders Associations of Togo: the Togolese Association for the Defense of Religious Freedoms (ATDLR). This was possible thanks to a thorough work done with the president of this association, namely Rev. Amos ATTIOGBE since returning from the International Leadership Conference in Seoul in Korea this year 2018. The couple of Rev. Amos ATTIOGBE received the Blessing at the same time as six (06) other pastoral couples at the headquarters of their Association.

The seminar was led by Rev. KOUSSOUGBO Sassou, National Leader of Togo; the Rev. GUELI Serge, Former Vice-President and current Director of Communication of the FFWPU in Benin, accompanied by Rev. TOSSOU Jacques of the Church “International Mission of the Gracious Winners”.

After an introduction based on family values and the invitation of religious leaders to participate in the Interfaith Blessing by Rev. KOUSSOUGBO, Rév. GUELI explained family therapy for building a world of peace.

The next day, September 22nd, there was the Blessing of Seven Pastoral Couple. And Monday, September 24, 2018 at the headquarters of the FFPMU-Togo, two (02) other couples of Pastors received the Blessing at about 15 hours, bringing the total of participants to nine (09) couples.

The association is established throughout the national territory. The Pastors Blessed agrees to continue the festival through a national tour.

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