Spain: A Visitation of Love to the Malaga Community

Prepared FFWPU Spain

On Sunday September 16th, we visited Malaga community in the south of Spain. It´s a small community with few families and I could make a report of the events in Korea. We were pleased to have Sunil Cano´s parent´s in-law coming from Japan to visit their daughter Megumi and Sunil´s family. After my report they gave a small testimony, the father is Japanese, the mother is Korean. It was interesting to hear their story and to connect with the work done by our brothers and sisters in Japan and Korea.

After Sunday service we had lunch together and spent the afternoon sharing, also singing in different languages, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French …

Two young couples who have been blessed last year in Korea celebrated their first anniversary. We could experience a very familiar atmosphere and once again, feeling that because of our True Parents we can create One family under God! Thank you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents,

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