Singapore: HTM Resolution Ceremony 2018

Prepared by FFWPU Singapore

On Sunday 16th September 2018, Singapore FFWPU community held a successful HTM Resolution Ceremony.

A total of 34 Blessed Families made their resolutions to accomplish their Heavenly Tribal Messiah duties by Foundation Day 2020. They pledged to horizontally bless 430 couples and vertically bless 430 generations of their ancestors.  The atmosphere was solemn yet spiritually high.

This is a follow-up on the resolutions which our True Mother asked all Cheon Il Gik leaders to make at the time of the 6th anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa in Cheongpyeong in August. Subsequently, all blessed families were encouraged to make similar resolution to fulfill our mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah and build the substantial Cheon Ik Guk.

During the benediction for the resolution ceremony, a blessed member Bro Saminathan experienced a spiritual phenomenon. He felt True Parents’ presence moving around and putting a seal on our foreheads.

We are very grateful to our True Mother for her leadership and love in guiding us to fulfil our heavenly duties.

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