Samoa: WFWP/GWPN Leadership Team formed

Prepared by WFWP Samoa

On Saturday 18th August WFWP Leaders meeting was held at the Tautua Partys HQ in Matautu Apia.

The meeting began with a Prayer by NL Seti Suafa followed by a talk on the meaning of the Logic of love and the WFWP concept of Leadership: True Parent Leadership, True Teacher Leadership and True Owner Leadership.

Fiso Taranaki Talamailei President of WFWP reported on her work with Tautua Party and the new Social welfare project they had implemented to export Taro for the smaller Growers from around Samoa. She outlined her desire to help grow WFWP in Samoa and offered the WFWP members an avenue for their Taro crops to be exported.

New Treasurer Katie Su’a spoke of the great help the Sewing Machines from Melbourne were to her Clan and looked forward to more projects for WFWP including desire to planting Chinese Cabbage.

New Secretary Fetalai Faatupunu’u expressed need for Farming tools to make vegetable and Taro plantations.

It was suggested that a Service project involving Youth Volunteers from YSP could assist these clans to kick start Taro patches and Fetalai requested 50 Taro seedlings from Setis Plantation to begin an August Service project at her clans’ land in Letogo. WFWP and YSP plan to have a monthly Service project for youth.

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