Samoa: New Campus of Hope Tongil Moo Do Service Project

Prepared by Tongil Moodo Samoa

On August 18th 2018 Master Seti Suafa began teaching Tongil Moo Do twice weekly as a Service project for 35 children and youth; victims of Domestic Abuse and Crime, at the Samoa Victims Support Group (SVSG) “Campus of Hope”, Tuamaimato Apia.

A fund provided by Oceania FFWPU leadership helped purchase a Purple printed T-shirt for the Young People. Purple is a royal color reminding the children that despite their troubles they have royal Value as Princes and Princesses of Gods Royal Family. WTMF Samoa provided transport and jigsaw foam mats for them to train in comfort.

The youth follow the Tong Il Moo Do rules and etiquette and learnt the 7 martial Arts Tennets in one session. They also learn Korean terminology, songs and Tong Il Moo Do syllabus. The youth are enjoying their new activity. Values from the Four family Loves YSP curriculum for Character Education supplement the Tong Il Moo Do education Material.

This is the 3rd community Service Dojung in the Apia area. Master Seti also teaches in Tafito Magiagi and Letogo Village.

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