Russia: Workshop for Second Generation Educators in Moscow


By Elena Kalmatskaya, FFWPU Russia

A workshop for educators of the Second Generation was held in Moscow from September 12 to 14, 2018. A total of 32 participants came from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belarus and different cities of Russia.

The main topic of the workshop was spiritual growth. Mr. Jack Corley, the Eastern Europe regional president, spoke about the importance of spiritual growth for Second Generation educators, because they always influence the Second Generation, whether they realize it or not. Mr.

Corley described his personal experience of doing a public mission while caring for his own family.

Mrs. Elena Kalmatskaya, the director of Youth Education for the Eastern Europe region, explained the role of the church and the family in raising the Second Generation She emphasized the importance of a systematic approach, in which educators continually guide the Second Generation from an early age while supporting and helping the parents. She also stressed the importance of Sunday school. Based on her pedagogical experience, she explained how a teacher can be a true subject for children.

The workshop offered practical guidance on how to organize interesting games at Second Generation workshops, including a treasure hunt. The participants learned how to use games to convey a message and create interesting lessons.

During a prayer one evening, many participants had a deep experience in tears. Through the prayer they could release their deep resentments from the past, repent and meet the living God.

All the educators went home filled with love and feeling more confidence and hope, determined to use for their mission all the practical methods that they gained in the workshop.


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