Russia: 21-day Workshop on the Divine Principle

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

From July 30 to August 19, 2018 an amazing 21-day seminar on the Unification Principle was held in Moscow. The first week participants stayed in the Peace Embassy, and the second and third in Malakhovka – the workshop site of the Moscow region. Some stayed only for 7-days. In total, ten people from different parts of Russia came to the seminar: from Yekaterinburg, Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk, and Moscow. They were the young guests of CARP, and family brothers and sisters who are striving for spiritual renewal, as well as those families who recently received the Blessing as a part of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship mission and just started their journey to fathom the Principle. The audience was quite diverse. But we sincerely tried to find a personal approach to everyone and make the seminar interesting and productive for all. The first two weeks were devoted to the study of the Divine Principle and the path of True Parents in detail, and the third week consisted entirely of spiritual guidance lectures.

Thanks to the fact that the two lecturers, Igor Rumyantsev and Anastasia Demchenko, gave the main lectures deeply and vitally, and the coordinator and the assistant coordinator prayed for the lectures and God’s presence at the seminar, participants received answers to the questions, and created a very high spiritual atmosphere. In the third week we could feel it even more. Many participants were inspired by presentations which special guests gave during the Morning Services and lectures, which allowed us to hear how the elders began their journey in faith, their experiences with God, overcoming and winning. It was very valuable.

The first two weeks of the lectures went on intensely, and at the beginning of the third week of the seminar we went to the lake in Korenyovo in order to swim and play volleyball through the grid, through such activities we felt even more that we are like a family. Anastasia, was not only a lecturer, but also a sports coordinator. Her love for action and creative approach touched many participants. Special thanks to our chefs Elmira Basyrova and Natalia Rumyantseva. Every meal was just a masterpiece. They were happy and dedicated to cooking. During the seminar we tried the Tatar dish from Elmira and many, many apple sweets from local apples.

At the 21-day seminar, many heard new lectures such as “How is the Messiah different from prophets, saints and sages”, “8 stages of restoration”, “Tribal Messiahship”, etc. They felt the thirst for the Word. In addition, the young seminarians who are just getting ready for the path of dedication, took part in the Fundraising in pairs (with the staff) after the lecture about Fundraising, and the family watched the video lecture “The role of husband and wife in family through the prism of the DP”. After the lecture on Unification Church traditions we celebrated the Holy Day and together tried to bring joy to Heavenly Parents. During the first week we managed to shoot and make our own video about the purity of love and to conduct an environmental project in Malakhovka on the third week. We collected garbage alongside the Malakhov Lake and asked angels to protect this place.

We conducted a prayer in nature at the end of the first week, this deeply moved souls of some participants. Most of the guests sincerely invested their efforts for the seminar, therefore it was possible to create a very warm atmosphere. And the songs before the lectures helped this.

In the third week after the lectures on confession and repentance we held a written confession. Everyone could deeply analyze themselves in accordance with the Word, write on the paper his mistakes and sins and then burn it. This helped participants to look honestly at themselves, to find in themselves good and evil, to expose Satan in themselves and leave the burden of the past. An atmosphere was very serious. Next day after the confession, many said that they started “new” life.


Testimonies of participants: of one sister (Oksana):

“The most vivid meeting with God was during repentance, it was tearful – there was a purification, and I think a reconciliation with God – restoring sensitivity and sincerity with Him – a living relationship. After that, God began to talk to me more openly during HDH and lectures.”

To the question “What lectures from spiritual instructions were the most important for you and why?” one participant answered: “1. Problems of dominion over all things.” I could clearly understand the wrong attitude to all things, I saw the satanic dominion over me, if I put all things as a priority (subject), so I saw in myself the nature of Satan. 2. Internal traditions: Once again I realized my position as a person of love, that I should love, pass on the love of God. “

In general, the workshop was rich and interesting, opened the truth even deeper, at the same time made participants think about many things, revise something in their lives and gain a new determination. Olga, who is determined to join One Year Program: “I want to be worthy of the love and trust of True Parents, to become a clean sheet for the work of God in my life, to save people and help God’s Providence.”


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