Peru: Ambassador for Peace Conference


by Trevor Jones, UPF Peru

On September 12, many Ambassadors for Peace of Peru visited the CNOIS National Satellite Image Operations Center in Pucusana which is located in the coastal desert about one hours drive from the capital, Lima, Ambassadors gathered at  the PERU CONIDA Space Agency in San Isidro. The visit was made with the participation of 43 ambassadors for peace to  Pucusana where they were received by FAP Major General Carlos Caballero León, Institutional Head of the Space Agency of Peru CONIDA and his staff. The ambassadors of peace entered the auditorium where a conference was held on the development of this important project that was born two years ago and that benefits our country with the capture of satellite images and working articulately with other national agencies for the exercise of their functions and for the welfare of the population.

The project was initiated by a need of the state to have availability of space information from its own sources, the satellite images are of high cost, each one costing approximately the same price as a new car. The NATIONAL CENTER OF OPERATIONS OF SATELLITE IMAGENES – CNOIDS was founded 4 years ago and recently the facilities were completed.

At the end of the keynote address General FAP Carlos Caballero made his greetings and congratulations to our President, Dr. Trevor Jones for leading a human group like the one that visited the facilities of CNOIS. The Ambassadors for Peace enjoyed a delicious lunch and then went to visit the operations room, they finished their tour receiving a present and thanks for their visit.

This event is part of a series of cultural and other activities that UPF Peru is making this year with the goal of bringing the Ambassadors for Peace, their families and friends closer to our movement and open the way for them to receive the Blessing.


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