Oceania Leadership Conference (OLC)

Ptrepared by UPF Australia

Series of Oceania Leadership Conference were held throughout Oceania nations starting from Brisbane on 4 July. The contents are based on the presentation given by Dr Robert Kittel. During a Heavenly Tribal Messiahs meeting that took place on the 21st of July at the Peace Embassy, the date for OLC Sydney was confirmed to be the 18th of August.

Knowing that Dr Kittel would not be able to deliver the lectures, we made internal and external preparation to ensure that the conference will provide great experience for the UPF Ambassadors for Peace, women leaders and FFWPU members.

With less than a month to prepare, Rev Lim, Reiko Stone, Catrine Von Dinklage, Aila Willitts, Debbie Bruce and other brothers and sisters began inviting friends, Ambassadors for Peace, family members, by letter and home visits. These efforts were supported by a prayer condition.

On the day, 21 guests and 27 members attended the conference with the theme, “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation-Building and Peace through Ideal Families.”  Jynene Helland facilitated the event as MC, Rev Park gave the opening remarks and Rev Lim, John Adamedes and Rev Stone presented the following sessions respectively:

  • Session I: The Need for Universal Principles
  • Session II: Give & Take Action, the Purpose of Life & Human Responsibility
  • Session III : The Root Cause of Human Conflict and Suffering and the Significance of Marriage Blessing

From the questions at the end of each talk, it was clear that the contents had been well received and had caused the attendants to think deeply about their lives and their marriage. The whole seminar was geared up towards presenting the universal principle of peace, introducing True Parents, the need to change lineage and the Blessing.

At the end of the seminar, one Muslim couple received the Interfaith World Peace Marriage Blessing. The ceremony, officiated by Rev Soon Teck and Rika Lim, was very moving and uplifting for all, with the couple sharing a long embrace soon after taking the Holy Wine, and again at the end of the ceremony. All couples and single members in the audience took the Holy Wine at the same time as the couple, surrounding them with love and support. The Sydney Youth choir presented two lovely songs to entertain the audience.

Rev Park gave the congratulatory address, and cake cutting followed by an energetic Og Mansei by Chris Bruce that closed the ceremony. The event was made possible by the hard work and cooperation between the Peace Embassy staff, second generation members, CARP members, all of whom took responsibility for the set-up, registration of attendants, photo taking, serving refreshments and food, as well as supporting the Blessing ceremony, and all brothers and sisters who attended and took care of the guests.

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