Nigeria: Resolution for Heavenly Tribal Messiahs


By George M. Ogurie, FFWPU Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria: Sunday 16 September 2018, a special service was held at the National Headquarters, The Peace Embassy, where Blessed Families made their resolutions to accomplish their Heavenly Tribal Messiah duties by Foundation Day 2020. This is a follow-up on the resolutions which our True Mother had all leaders who went to Korea make at the time of the 6th anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa in August.

Two more resolution ceremonies will be held for Blessed families outside of Abuja – one Lagos this coming Sunday for members in the Western part of the country and in Uyo on the upper Sunday for members in the Eastern part of the country.

Some of the members have blessed 430 couples already but everyone is yet to bless up to 430 generation of their ancestors. Therefore, we all have quite a bit of work to by 2020. Even in terms of educating members of our tribes to become veritable blessed families who cherish and attend our True Parents, we still have a huge task to accomplish. And of course, this is what will lay a firm foundation for national restoration.

Our eternal gratitude goes to our True Mother for her leadership in making these things clear to us and for guiding us to fulfil our divinely ordained mission as Tribal Messiahs.

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