Netherlands: HJ Cosmic Peace Blessing


By Hans Campman, FFWPU Netherland

On Sunday September 9th we were able to hold a Blessing ceremony in a community centre in the heart of Utrecht city. Five adults and four children participated in the ceremonies; 35 of our members were present to give them our whole-hearted support.

Sadikoen and Andrea Wirjoredjo had brought two ladies, Femke, a Dutch woman, and Susi from Nigeria. Both brought their children. Eleanor brought her neighbor lady Bea. finally, there were Mrs Marlene Waal and Mr Singh, both precious UPF contacts. All five adults had come without their partner, for different reasons. The husband of one lady had passed away just a week ago.

Two of the participants have a stable marriage, but their partner could not come to the event, while two of them are divorced. All candidates fully supported the vision of a marriage of love and fidelity between husband and wife; all of them wholeheartedly subscribed to the ideal of good families as a base for a good society and for world peace. All of us present, including the children, drank the Holy Juice. Everyone came from a different situation, but we all shared and celebrated the same vision and goal.

Sadikoen, as the MC, led us through the program in a dynamic, inspiring way. Frans and Elizabeth Baatenburg were the officiators during the ceremonies. Frans’ Benediction Prayer was deep and moved the hearts of the people attending. Sadikoen, during his welcoming words, gave a more formal explanation this time, reading Father’s words directly. This enabled me to speak more freely during the sermon. Our vocalists, Eleanor, Carlos and Marlene added to the joyful atmosphere by their songs, solemn as well as up tempo and rhythmic. All three interacted successfully with the audience. Marlene Waal is an inspiring singer, renowned especially in Surinam circles where she had recently received a special token of honour. At the end of our event there was an atmosphere of happy song and dance, much like a few weeks ago in the Peace World Centre in Korea, during the Seunghwa Festival.

Highlight was the report which our 2nd gen sister Anna Becker gave of her experience of the recent Blessing in Korea. She spoke frankly and also included things that had been somewhat challenging. In the night before the Blessing ceremony there was no time to sleep. There were quite some situations of stress and long waiting. The sisters especially were challenged as in the middle of the night they had to wait long time until they received their makeup and had their hair done by professional hairdressers. Nevertheless, on the day of the Blessing itself all was forgotten; the ceremony was a very deep experience for Anna. Through her lively testimony, both realistic and hopeful, Anna managed to touch all of our hearts.

Special thanks to Rita for preparing the Holy Juice en Holy Water and coordinating the ceremonies together with some sisters. Thanks also to Bert Janssen for preparing the beautiful banners (both horizontal and vertical ones). Edgar and Sadikoen made the pictures and some short videos. Jacques coordinated the arrangement of the room and the table set up. Jelle and Grethe had picked up and brought back Marlene in their car. Rudi, Thea en Fiori had been there again as our reliable kitchen team. They made sure everyone had plenty to eat in three courses, the main course consisting of half a chicken, French fries and vegetables.

At the end we could make a few fancy group photos’ in the court yard outside, while we all gave a thumbs up and three Sungnee’s for the victory with True Mother in 2020.

Lots of thanks to all those who contributed to the success by their presence. The turn-out was not as big as in previous times; it could perhaps have been better, but all those who were there had strongly supported the event. I also thank all brothers and sisters who, although they could not be there, have prayed in support of the event.

We thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents that, despite some obstacles, we could share the Blessing with people of our nation.

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