Italy: Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Connecting To God’s True Love, Life And Lineage

By Mariagrazia Viezzer, FFWPU Italy

On September 23rd 2018 it seemed that autumn started on tiptoes. It was a splendid day to held another Family Festival in the presence of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Thanks to the commitment of Padua’s community, the Family Festival was held in the garden of the Bernardi’s family.

Two beautiful couples participated in the Blessing Ceremony with a spirit of wonder and joy, surrounded by the support of all.

After the welcoming remarks by Elena Chirulli, Moreno Berto read a speech explaining the deep meaning of the Blessing Ceremony.

The Holy Wine and Forgiveness ceremonies were followed by short testimonies, offered by Graziano Segato e Patrizia Mantegazza. Their touching and heart felt words reminded the newly blessed couples of the value of marriage and family.

The officiators, Angelo and Flora Chirulli congratulated and thanked the couples for their commitment to becoming an example for the society.

Afterwards we could enjoy a convivial moment of music and dance, offered by our children in a simple and spontaneous way.

We could enjoy a buffet of pizza and tiramisu wile admiring a beautiful sunset, surrounded by the evocative setting of the Euganean Hills.

May these new couples be able to feel the grace and value of this moment eternally and may we continue to grow as One Family under God.

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