Italy: Blessing the Christian


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

Starting few months ago we developed a good relationship and cooperation with the couple leading a Youth Christian group. Together with them, we developed some important activities in Sicily a while ago. Few days ago, they came to Rome to attend our conference in the Italian Senate, organized by UPF and WFWP with top level politicians and some religious representatives.

Following the event, they decided to come to our training center in Colle Mattia, to spend few days together visiting Rome, but also to receive some Divine Principle explanation.

Vincenzo, the husband, some years ago studied as Catholic priest but finally he converted to the Evangelical church where he met his wife Giusy that was already part of it as youth leader. Just few years ago, they established an association that aims to rescue children from the bad influence of our society, through sport and art, based on Christian ideals. They were very successful in an area with many social problems. In some mysterious way they came to read our magazine “Voices of Peace” and contacted us to know more. This is the way our relationship started.

So, coming back to the present time, we started to explain the Ideal of Creation. It was very clear since the beginning that they were really well prepared theologically. They attended many years of theological and Biblical studies. Beside they had spiritual experiences with Jesus that made their faith really strong. It was not like teaching to anybody. I had to invest all my knowledge, understanding and spirituality to really touch their hearts. It was really challenging especially answering their many precise questions, but, bit by bit, while DP were opening space in their hearts, it became an emotional and intense

spiritual “crescendo”. At the end, we explained the Blessing ceremony and we invited them to receive it the day after, during our Sunday service. They accepted, even though they had still many questions.

On the occasion we invited one more couple and two single for it. The other couple is also special.  The husband is a “Presidential Gold Medal of Civil Valor” for having rescued many people form a terrorist attack just few years ago. He is now head of a National Trade Union and works politically. His wife if Japanese, a very lovely woman that came to Italy to ora for the embassy. The ceremony was not prepared ahead externally and happened instead of the Sunday service, but the spirit was so strong that we had one of the most intense Blessings ever. With the UPF and WFWP team, we worked so well in praying, singing, officiating the ceremony and everything went magically in the best possible way, even without any external preparation in the hall or whatsoever. Giusy, the Christian wife sang few beautiful songs dedicated to Jesus and all together we sang Holy Songs. Actually, usually the congregation doesn’t sing so well, but this time we sang as a professional

choir. It’s true, when God’s spirit is there miracle can happen! At the end we prayed all together hand by hand and with tears in many eyes.

I really realized, once more, that True Parents came first for such faithful people. How quickly could change the world if the best, most sincere Christians could join the Providential work centered on True Parents! That strong spirit that we experienced in the teaching and in the Blessing, could convert anybody and change the world rapidly. It’s really a pity that many of them are still opposing us and resisting to True Parents, but I really felt that now we have the authority to guide them as never before, as True Mother is desperately trying to say to all of us. Without them we have difficulties in reaching the best part of our societies but without us they have no future: we are destined to become one! This is the Will of God, especially here in Europe where all values are collapsing rapidly. The time has come and I’m so happy to have the possibility to testify of our Victorious True Parents to people of faith.

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