Italy: Another Day in the Top Institution

By Giuseppe Cali, UPF Italy, September 21, 2018

One of the challenges we face in our mission to restore countries is to be able to reach out the mainstream, considering the limited resources we have. Recently we are trying to focus more on HTM activities, still we don’t want to give up our foundation in all the other areas, especially “restoring the environment”, that means working with the Federations for Peace. In Italy we had some success in the recent past, but lately, due to new elections, we had to re-evaluate our situation and have a kind of new start and determination.

Some of our best contacts were not elected again. We are still working with them, but how keeping the link to the Parliament was a key issue. Thanks God, Hon. Roberto Rampi was elected in the Italian Senate, being the one that attended several IAPP meetings in Italy and in the World.

So, to celebrate the International UN Peace Day 2018, we decide, together with him, to bring the challenge even a step higher than before. In the past we could have access to some important Parliament halls, but now we had to go for the Senate (High Chamber) Halls, that are not usually accessible to the public. All the team, Carlo Zonato, Gabriella Mieli, Giorgio Gasperoni, Elisabetta Nistri and I, started to pray and work for that around three month ago. It was not easy, but thanks to Hon. Rampi and the previous foundation working with the Parliament, we found a positive environment to welcome us.

Then we had to work on every single step to get to the result, negotiating with the officers. At some point it looked impossible, then became possible again. At one point the President of the Senate denied the sponsorship and then, few days later we could get the full Patronage and the use of Senate Logo on our leaflets and banners. Finally, we could get even one of the most historical halls, the place where the Italian Constitutions was signed after the 2nd World War, with full technical support, staff and video recording. All this battle was concluded just one day before the event, not more. It was a great victory!

The participation, on the same time became bigger and bigger, and the level higher and higher. Politicians, religious leaders, Presidents of important institution, President of NGOs and Women organizations and many others. It was like Heaven coming down and opening the door to some of the top-level VIPs and most prepared people. At one point, since the hall is not a very big one, we had to limit the participation, by selecting and making a waiting list. That audience in the hall was of around 100 people, not including some overflowing rooms with video that the staff provided due to the participation.

The program consisted in two sessions: the first on IAPP, with Senators, politicians and human rights leaders and the second introducing IAPD, with Religious leaders. Leaders from Catholic church, including priests and nuns, from Protestant churches, from Islam and Jewish leadership, were present in the hall and some of them gave very deep presentation about the right to religious freedom. Actually, overall, the content was the deepest ever for us and I believe for the Senate itself too, as it was recognized by many participants. Very surprising was the unexpected participation of the former Ministry of Education, a very famous lady Senator, appearing very often on National TV, that in the last legislation reformed all the schools, still presiding one of the most important Senate committees. When she entered everyone turned their heads. She gave a very good speech about education of the youth.

From our side, Gabriella Mieli was the MC, Carlo Zonato, president of UPF Italy, introduced True Parents and the UPF Principles for peace, Elisabetta Nistri, introduced especially True Mother and the role of women, as WFWP Italy President and I introduced and explained the role of IAPD and the importance of cooperation between Religious and Political leaders, between generations, speaking about YSP, and explaining the project to gather all positive forces to build a new society.

In conclusion, we experienced again the importance of the Providential time we are living in, with its incredible challenges and opportunities and especially that clear fact, that, if we keep trusting True Parents and trusting each other, we can raise our public standing very concretely and bring the CIG closer and closer, day by day.

What a wonderful time! Thanks to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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