Inauguration of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy in Europe

by Alexey Saveliev, Eastern Europe Region

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy will be inaugurated in Europe at a special two-day seminar held at the Peace Embassy in Moscow on September 29 and 30, 2018.

The seminar will be taught by Dr. Jin-hun Yong, the head of the HTM Academy in Korea, and Professor Young-hwan Gil, a specialist in managing and caring for people based on home groups, coaching and Hoon Dok Hwe education.

The program will answer questions concerning the preparation and commencement of the HTM mission, as well as issues related to caring for married couples who receive the Blessing during HTM activities.

True Mother has sincerely asked all Blessed Central Families to fulfil the HTM mission for the victory of Vision 2020. The goal of participants in the seminar will be to gain and strengthen our conviction in the HTM mission, and also to understand what to do and how.

The program is designed to be given over two days: Saturday, September 29, and Sunday, September 30. It is best if both husband and wife attend the seminar. However, if it is difficult, then either the husband or wife may attend alone.

Proposed arrival date: September 28. Proposed departure date: October 1.

The cost of the program is 10 Euros a day per person. This will cover the cost of meals and some organizational expenses.

Accommodation is available in the Peace Embassy. This is very humble: sleeping bags and mattresses, shared toilets and showers. Alternately, you may find accommodation in a nearby hotel. There are several hotels located within walking distance of the Peace Embassy that cost about 100 Euros for three nights.

It will be a very good program, based on the 5 newly published books on the HTM providence, Participants will have to check with the local Russian Embassy to apply for tourist visas.

We sincerely welcome you to this important program!

Please contact Dmitry Melnikov at to register. Sincerely,

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