HJ Global News (September 22, 2018)


Prepared by PeaceTV

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This week we cover:

1. True Parents

  • True Parents’ Special Luncheon with the Committee for the Compilation of True Parents’ Words
  • 6th Anniversary of Father’s Seonghwa – 2018 Pilgrimage of Japanese VIPs

2. Special Feature

  • Heavenly Korea: Inauguration of Yeon Ah Moon as President of UPF-Korea & Determination Rally to March Forward toward a Heavenly, Unified Korea
  • Special Feature: Interreligious Blessing Movement

3. World News

  • Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Heavenly Korea: Completion of 430-Couple HTM Blessing / Cote d’Ivoire: Completion of 430-Couple HTM Blessing / Thailand: HTM Leaders School / Heavenly Japan, Subregion 1&3: Seosa Calligraphy & Family Festival)
  • Peace Activities (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Zambia, Cameroon: Peace Road 2018)
  • Youth Activities (Greater China Region: 1st STF Closing Ceremony / Heavenly Korea: 2018 Nationwide Youth Peace Cup)
  • Major Events (Heavenly Japan: Resolution Service for HTM Victories)

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