Germany: Peace Road 2018 in Regensburg


Prepared by UPF Germany

This motto inspired the members of the Women’s Federation and Universal Peace Federation Regensburg / Munich and their friends, a total of 18 in number, on Saturday, August 25, 2018 for a peace bicycle tour along the Danube, especially since this large European river connects ten countries with each other. They were part of the worldwide Peace Road project.

The local motto was “Thank you for peace in Europe! 100 Years End of the First World War – 100 Years of the Bavarian Constitution” Truly a reason to be grateful and to demonstrate for peace!

We started at the Neupfarrplatz in the historic city center of Regensburg, where we loudly presented our project and concerns in front of many passers-by. There was also our Peace Road book table for four hours. Then we cycled towards the Danube to Porta Praetoria and on to the Stone Bridge, where we were warmly welcomed by the people.

Then we continued on the Pfaffensteiner Weir and to the northernmost point of the Danube, which always accompanied us friendly. Also the weather was very well-intentioned and the announced rain came only after our tour.

And soon we reached Großprüfening and then the pilgrimage church Mariaort, where we had a good rest.

The last part took us through modern Regensburg back to the starting point Neupfarrplatz in the center, where we finished our tour, a bit exhausted but happy – a strong signal for peace and unification in Europe – a demonstration for peace with body, heart and soul!

We all wore a blue or white Peace Road T-shirt and testified along the 15-kilometer route to the International Peace Highway. And for the good end, whatever it takes, we celebrated our victory in a cozy Regensburg restaurant.

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