Germany: Junior Harp Workshop 2018

By Athalie & Klemens Hoffmann

This year’s German workshop for children was held from July 31 until August 4 in the Neumühle, Germany, better known as Bad Camberg.

For the first time, the annual German Junior HARP Workshop took place at the same time and place. The two workshops followed the same schedule structure, but the morning lectures differed and were adapted for different age groups. For every age group we had a great teacher and assistant and great lecturers for the Junior HARPies who transmitted God’s word beautifully.

We, Klemens and Athalie Hoffman, both aged 32, a second-generation couple, conducted the children’s workshop. Meanwhile the HARP committee, a team of empowered young second generation in their twenties (Leandro Haubold, Markus Zimmermann, Hee-Yun Yoo and Mathea Staudinger) guided the Junior Harp workshop with a lot of devotion.

This was an amazing workshop, where about 90 participants- children to grandparents, ranging in age from 9 months to about 70 years- found their role in building a family atmosphere.

We consider the children’s workshop, where children from all over Germany can gather, to be very important. This year, we even had participants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. It is a very good opportunity for the children to learn about how to build a good character, to take care of younger brothers and sisters and how to relate with older brothers and sisters. This time, the primary school children soon to be HARPies could look up to their older brothers and sisters and see what they can expect from joining HARP.

We would like to express our special thanks to Yeon Ah Nim and True Mother Yeon Ah Nim visited the children’s workshop in 2017, on her way to Berlin. On this occasion, we could meet her personally and greet her with all the participants. We were impressed by her natural manner and very loving personality. She was enthusiastic to see so many children when she arrived.

Yeon Ah Nim offered the children’s workshop a donation from True Mother which we used for building a trampoline on the playground of the Neumühle. We are very grateful for this donation and happy that old and young alike can enjoy the trampoline.

Photographs of the workshop can be found under the following link:

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