Germany: Family Festival with World Peace Blessing

A joint event of the Chapel of Prayer Christian Ministry and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Hamburg, Germany, on August 12, 2018


By Ulrich Ganz, FFWPU Germany


The Chapel of Prayer and FFWFU in Hamburg had already held several joint Sunday services. On this occasion, our plan was to come together and hold a family festival with a world peace blessing.

Rhythmic gospel music from the seven-strong woman’s choir supported by several African drummers and a percussionist generated a good atmosphere for the participants.

Following the opening prayer by Pastor Kingley of the Chapel of Prayer, and further gospel songs, Josias Johnson from Benin, representing UPF Hamburg, delivered the initial presentation in which he spoke about the biblical story of God’s original ideal of creation.

This was followed by a moving spiritual by a pastor from Scotland, accompanied by a choir and the band which deeply touched the audience. Then Pastor Kingsley delivered a brilliant address about the famous words of Jesus: „What God has brought together, let no man tear apart. “With this, he stressed the importance of fidelity in marriage, and to solve problems in the partnership rather than following the modern trend of divorce.

Three couples received certificates for their special accomplishments of having lived together in fidelity. They expressed in their own words that trust and patience were amongst the most important elements contributing to the continual development of a marriage relationship. The song, “There is Love “, by Reinhold Merta led into the World Peace Blessing.

Dr. Dieter Schmidt, representative of FFWPU Germany, explained the steps in the ceremony which symbolically lead to an original harmonious relationship between man and wife and also indicate the familial unity of mankind.

Reconciliation, renewal of the bonds of love, cleansing and spiritual commitment are all a part of this. Dr. Schmidt pointed out that this step is an effective way to strengthen the family, and therefore especially helpful in a time of world confusion and moral decay.

All the participants then followed the procedure of the ceremony as demonstrated on the stage by Ulrich und Hilke Ganz. The World Peace Blessing was brought to a close with music and a photograph of a group with happy faces!

We then adjourned to another room where drinks and tasty snacks contributed by the participants were enjoyed and the opportunity taken to share and get to know each other better. Each person felt part of a world represented by nearly one hundred people from Asia, Africa, Europe and various countries of origin.

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