Germany: Central Region Leaders’ Meeting

By Hanna Piepenburg, FFWPU Germany

We held our leaders’ meeting on September 14 – 16, 2018, in Seebenstein, Austria, centering on True Mother’s new direction.

Leaders lead, they know about the newest updates, they mediate between different parties and keep a strong vision for the future.

But occasionally it is good to just come together in a small group of national leaders, exchange thoughts and share about the different situations. This weekend was one of such rare and valuable occasions.

All our Central Region National Leaders attended: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Lichtenstein, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland.

The theme of the meeting was on how to become a Heavenly Tribal Messiah victor – the main mission True Mother emphasized on the last leaders meeting in Korea. We have collected many ideas, shared experiences and encouraged each other to bring the blessing to a new level. Our special guest, David Earle, gave us a glimpse into his valuable work in Birmingham. His sincere heart in supporting, teaching, blessing and caring for his city of Birmingham, together with his wife Patricia, is indeed amazing.

Because our missions can be serious and difficult at times, it felt good to enjoy life, laugh and reassure moments in good company this weekend as well– be it by hiking up to Seebenstein castle or by having some fun games in the evening.

We concluded by sharing individual goals and deciding on common activities and cooperations to support each other in our missions.

With new determination and a sense of stronger togetherness we now drive back into our respective nations and to our wonderful brothers and sisters.

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