Germany: A Visit to Bring True Parents Love


By Robert Bentele, FFWPU Germany

On September 4, 2018, Dieter and Ana visited the Munich community right away on their return from the week-long Seonghwa celebrations for True Father and the Leadership Conference in Korea on their way to Klagenfurt and Ljubljana.

Dieter could tell us freshly about his impressions of the celebrations, the workshop and the inauguration of the new museum. He also shared with us some of the words of True Mother and Sun Jin Nim.

Right from the start, he showed us a compilation of his cell phone videos taken during that time, which was very inspiring for everyone.

Dieter then asked Isaac May to tell us of his blessing experience with Iris Continanza. From the Munich community only, he had participated in the blessing.

The surprise in Cheongpyeong had been that True Mother completely changed the Leaders’ Assembly. Instead of lectures and reports, there was repentance, prayer, Chanjang sessions, Ansu, meditation, and prayer walks to the Tree of Blessing and the total turning towards the tribal messiahship and blessing of 430 couples by 2020.

At the end of our meeting there was a question and answer session. And the last highlight of our meeting was a small dinner prepared by family Schmid.

Thank you Dieter and Ana!

We wish you Heaven’s blessing for your mission!

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