France: Blessing Ceremony

By Jean Francois Moulinet, FFWPU France

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, in Paris, we organized a small interfaith family festival Blessing celebration for a French- Japanese couple (who came with his parents and his sister’s couple) and two widows who wanted to receive the Blessing with their husbands in spirit world.

First, a short PowerPoint presentation was given on the theme: “True Families for Healing the World”. After which, a testimony was given by a participant who attended the international Leadership conference in Korea last August. She expressed her sincere appreciation for being invited to experience the events in Korea which she deeply appreciated, especially the Blessing ceremony.

A beautiful musical interlude (Sonata opus KV 545 by Mozart) helped raise the atmosphere and open the hearts of the participants and the spectators.

We then held a simple but touching celebration centered on the 4 points of the Blessing; unity, purity, fidelity and reconciliation.

All the participants joined the couple in pronouncing the four pledges of True Love:

  1. Together, we promise, as husband and wife, to be faithful to each other and to love each other for all eternity.
  2. Together, we promise to become true parents who will raise their children and grandchildren so that they may be responsible persons in the service of God and humanity.
  3. Together, we promise to build a generous family which lives for others and transmits this tradition to future generations and to all humanity.
  4. Together, we promise to love our neighbor as God loves him whatever his origins or religion and thus contribute to the realization of a world of peace.

The afternoon ended with a prayer for couples, a congratulatory speech and beautiful cultural presentations — Forever Love (from X Japan) and Kampai (from Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi) and some songs by the Japanese sisters residing in France. This was capped off by a beautiful and tasty cake.

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