Estonia: Meeting of the Baltic family


Prepared by FFWPU Estonia

This time (on August 19, 2018) was very amazing, full of events and deep experiences and realizations of brothers and sisters from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Together we were 25 people, including children. Galina Chernomorets, Director of the Blessed Families Department, gave a good seminar.

During the first part she spoke about the Blessing from the point of view of the providential history of changing of the blood lineage.

The second part was about building happier relationships in the family between spouses, parents and children. The first part helped us to tune in to the Blessing Festival, and the second part helped to find answers to questions families have: what’s the source of their problems and difficulties, and which way to take to change the relationships for the better. In breaks, each family talked about the experience of

their Blessing. It was valuable to hear and understand what our families went through, this helped to see brothers and sisters more deeply. We also sang songs in different languages, and it helped to unite. Such training and education helped us to create spiritual unity, everyone was ready to help in the Blessing Festival next day.

Then everyone shared their internal experiences. Everybody was open and could unit, lit up with new energy. We treated each other as members of one family. There remained a deep and unforgettable experience with brothers and sisters. We agreed that we will continue this tradition of meetings. We created Whatsapp group “Baltic Family”. Everyone left home happy and satisfied.

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