Eastern Europe: Preparation for Matching and Blessing

By Elena Kalmatskaya, FFWPU East Europe

A Blessing preparation workshop for Second Generation of the Eastern Europe region and their parents was held in Moscow from September 14 to 16, 2018. Fifteen young people between 17 and 19 years of age and 17 parents attended the workshop, which was held in the Moscow Peace Embassy.

The main speakers were Mr. Katsuyoshi Motoyama from the International Blessed Family Department in Korea; Mr. Jack Corley, the Eastern Europe regional president; and Mrs. Elena Kalmatskaya, the regional director of youth education. They spoke about the meaning and value of the Blessing, preparation for the Blessing, spiritual growth, and the main steps of the matching process.

Mr. Corley spoke of his personal experience, with his wife, of raising their son. Mr. Motoyama described his family and how he was preparing his children for the matching and Blessing, mentioning personal difficulties and challenges he met on the way.

Through this workshop, the young people could understand what preparation for the Blessing really means, and together with their parents they made a specific plan for their personal preparation. The parents could realize the importance of their spiritual growth and husband-wife unity in preparation for matching their children.

These are some quotes from parents’ reflections:

  • “Now we can discuss many questions with our children more openly. We saw our children asking themselves many new questions about faith, and [we realized] how much they feel that they are God’s children.”
  • “Most important is the atmosphere in which the whole family can openly discuss something, especially with children.”
  • “It was useful for me to participate in the workshop as a parent. I gained understanding of how parents should prepare for the matching process, what is the matching process, its main steps. It was important for me that before the matching, three levels of unity must be established: unity between the parents and God through conditions of Jeongseong; unity between the parents; and unity between parents and children. Then God can work.”
  • “It is such an unconventional approach. It is so important that we can prepare our children for family life, to have a conscious attitude in this area at such a young age. And it is wonderful that children are willing to do it, ready to listen and to hear.”
  • “Spiritual guidance was combined with practical instructions. … It was good to have both joint sessions for parents and children and separate sessions. … Behind the workshop I could feel True Parents’ great love for us and for the Second Generation and their desire for the Second Generation to avoid mistakes and temptations and to create happy families. The workshop conveyed the seriousness and importance of preparing for the matching process and the Blessing.”
  • “This workshop, I hope, will become an impulse or stimulus for our family to support our daughter on her way to the Blessing. … The most important effect is that we were ‘stirred up’; it forced us to think and forced us to begin making changes in our life. For me, this is the main result.”

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