Colombia: Peace Road 2018


Prepared by UPF Colombia

On September 21, 2018, the Peace Road March in Colombia was celebrated. This march was led by the Unification Church and counted with the participation and collaboration of the Mennonite Church, the Muslim Community and other religious organizations and non-profit organizations, where the collaboration of the police and governmental entities was fundamental for the success of the march.

The march took place within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day of Peace and Non-Violence promoted by the United Nations.

The event started with a bike ride along a route of approximately 10 kilometers where around 40 bicycle participants marched carrying the flags of the Peace Road and promoting the “Peace starts with me” campaign, then the march continued with a walk of one kilometer more joining the other participating organizations with around 250 people in which campaigns were promoted in favor of freedom, equality and non-violence as a basis for common prosperity.

The activity was held on a hot day where the sun was the main protagonist ending with an interreligious cultural event where there was music and dance for the delight of the participants and spectators to the march.

We thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the inspiration and protection in the development of the activity.

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