Bolivia: Inauguration of IAPD

Prepared by UPF Bolivia

On September 21, 2018, the Bolivian Chapter of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development was launched, about 120 guests attended this event. Among the participants we have 21 religious leaders belonging to different religious traditions such as: Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims, Krisna, Mormons and representatives of the Andean Cosmovision as well as members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace and Ambassadors of Peace.

Opening remarks were delivered by the Regional President, Rev. Yun Moon Lee, who thanked everyone present for their participation.

The religious leaders present debated on the theme: “The role and responsibility of religious leaders and civil organizations to face the critical challenges of this time”, actively participated the Shekh Yusuf Andrade of the Islamic Community of Bolivia, Prabhu Omar Muñoz de the International Society for the Conscience of Krishna, Dr. Erika Aldunate Director of the Center for the Promotion of the Laity of the Catholic Church, Gustavo Mejía representing the School of Parents of the Catholic Church and Pastor Guillermo Paz representing Unificationism.

Subsequently, the “Interfaith Water Ceremony” and the signing of the AIPD resolution took place. In her speech the President of the AIPP, Deputy Yovanna Jordán expressed her gratitude to the religious leaders and their willingness to carry out projects together with the religious leaders promoting Laws to strengthen the moral values of the family.

Next, an Interreligious Blessing for Peace ceremony was held, in which the National Deputy María Eugenia Calcina Rivero and her husband as well as the Indigenous Priest Calixto Quispe and his wife and the President of Bolivia Spirituality Dr. Gabriel Valdivia and his wife participated.

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