Austria: SunMoon Missionaries on Internship in Vienna and new CARP leader

Prepared by CARP Austria

In preparation of True Mother’s visit to Vienna a group of 10 missionaries from the SunMoon University supported the mobilization through witnessing. 5 of them stayed until July 1st, 2018, in order to take care of the many guests they had brought to True Mother’s event.

As they had very good experiences in witnessing and taking care of guests, SunMoon University sent 4 missionaries to Vienna on August 31st, 2018. They will stag 6 months.

They could make their first experiences in Witnesssing and already brought guests to CARP programs. At the same time they also started to experience fundraising in Vienna.

They stay in the CARP center, together with the CARP core members.

Shortly after they arrived, the Austrian CARP leader, Akio F., moved to France in order to study there. HyoJeung Kral is the new CARP leader. Together with members of the CARP team she developed a CARP event schedule for the next months. Their first event was a “CARP Semester Opening Brunch on September 15, 2018. They will work closely with the SunMoon missionaries.

We are happy to also welcome Ms. Jeonghye Yeom back to Vienna!

On Saturday on the 15th of September a group of motivated young people came together for the first CARP event this semester, our Semester Opening Brunch!

At 10 am people started to come and soon after we could happily begin the Brunch.

A good selection of cold and warm dishes had been prepared before, so that everyone could find something that he or she likes. When sitting together on the tables people could get to know each other better and enjoy the meal together.

Besides the food there was a short introduction given about CARP, to know more about the goals and origin of our community as well as about the five core values we want to strive for. Also, we heard about all the different activities which are planned for this semester.

In the end we played a game that demanded both skills and strategy, and it was played enthusiastically by all participants.

Thank you for everyone who came to this event and we also wish everyone a great start into the new semester!!

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