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FFWPU calls for ‘mutual benefit and common prosperity’ in the ‘heart of Latin America’

“Let’s protect the Amazon and guide the socialist regime to build the International Peace Highway!’”

  • The “Latin America Summit 2018” was held in Brazil and the assembly, launching conference and peace rally were carried out simultaneously.
  • Current and former presidents, prime ministers, chairmen, congressmen, cardinals and indigenous religious leaders gathered together.
  • Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon claimed, “Latin America represents the body (material) and North America represents the mind (spirit). The two must unite to realize peace.”
  • The 6th Anniversary of Rev. Moon’s Seonghwa and International Blessing Ceremony was held on August 27.
  • The FFWPU will greatly contribute towards realizing the long-cherished ideals of society,” said the former president of Uruguay, Dr. Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo.


“Due to human beings’ ignorance, our beautiful Earth is currently ill. Thirty-three Latin American nations need to work together and stand at the forefront together with the fifty U.S. states to protect and preserve our God-given Mother Earth, and keep it from falling into ruin. The Americas, standing in a position much like Earth’s spinal cord, must follow God’s providence and give hope to humanity and preserve the Amazon, which is sustaining our lives!” The arena erupted with thunderous applause from the audience. She then proceeded with her “supreme directive.”

“There may be no peace or future if each values their own nation over others. Humanity should communicate well with one another. Families who are far away from one another cannot feel great mutual affection. The International Peace Highway is essential for humanity to unite as one family and to foster communication!”

On August 4 (hereinafter defined in local time), the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (hereinafter referred to as FFWPU) hosted the “Rally for the Hopeful March Forward for the Providence in Latin America (Family Festival)” at the Allianz Parque Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On this day, a total of 30,000 participants took part in this event, including Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and politicians, religious leaders and women’s leaders from 41 nations, including Latin American nations such as the host nation Brazil, as well as Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. Many FFWPU member participants also hailed from around the globe. The event attracted widespread attention, as this was the first formal event Dr. Moon hosted in Latin America after Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Seonghwa (Seonghwa is a FFWPU term for its founder’s ascension) in 2012.

The official title of the event hosted by FFWPU and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is the “Latin America Summit 2018,” and its agenda is “Peace and Development in Latin America: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.” It was held from August 2 to 5, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and included events such as the summit and the general assemblies of parliamentarians, women’s leaders, youth and religious leaders, as well as the launching conference, peace rally and victory cerebration. The participants discussed in depth the global challenges such as territorial and religious disputes, racial discord, family breakdown, environmental contamination, poverty and starvation, etc., and searched for solutions. Also, on August 27, the FFWPU conducted the 6th Anniversary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Seonghwa and International Blessing Ceremony.

The Monthy Chosun covered the event through a nine-day, eight-night trip to Brazil from July 31 to August 8.

“All nations in the world are ‘siblings’ who attend God”

The main event was the Rally for the Hopeful March Forward for the Providence in Latin America held on August 4. The event was interpreted simultaneously in five languages, including English and Korean. The arena was filled with a crowd wearing white and blue hats. When the reporter arrived at the venue, one of the Latin American leaders was making an impassioned speech on the stage with three big screens, dozens of lighting and zimizib cameras. First, Rt Hon. Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, the former president of Trinidad and Tobago, gave a congratulatory speech, in which he stated, “When we deal with national or global issues, we must hold a new set of values. Furthermore, leadership must be based on service and tolerance, and not on power.” He then went on and further emphasized the significance of religious harmony and democracy.

The crowd applauded regardless of race, nationality, age or gender. The participants dressed themselves in various ways; suits, martial arts uniforms, monk’s robes and T-shirts. One of them was praying with a big silver cross around his neck. Another was humming and whistling with a cheerful look on his face. Unlike the sweltering heat in Korea, the weather in Brazil back then was rather chilly. It was rainy and windy until just before the event began. Despite the gray sky, none among the 30,000 participants expressed any discomfort or inconvenience.

A gospel choir sang hymns with astounding fervor. The audience responded by standing from their seats and waving their hands and handkerchiefs. Some took videos with their smartphones. They looked exactly like people who came to enjoy a festival and enjoyed it to the fullest. This was followed by an “awarding of true love, peace and unification essay contest,” as well as the “interfaith water ceremony.”

Cheers arose among the student groups in the audience as the emcee called out their school names. 4,000 students from 70 schools had gathered at the event. The Brazilian student and teacher, whose essay was selected for first prize, could not conceal their joy as they received the award on stage. The audience applauded heartily as the flags of Latin American nations entered the arena in order. Then, a glass bowl of holy water was caught on camera.

Various religious leaders representing Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism and the FFWPU, as well as leaders of Latin American folk religions ‘Umbanda’ and ‘Candomble,’ gathered together and poured the holy water they carried with them into one bowl. Then the leaders performed reverential rites. The religious leaders chanted a blessing, kissed the cup and offered a prayer toward the sky. The emcee stated, “Thanks to God’s blessing, it did not rain today. All brothers and sisters from various countries (politicians and religious leaders) offered a prayer for the harmony of mankind before God, our Parent.”

Then, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon gave a keynote speech. A broach gleamed brightly on her red robe. Her speech was not a pro forma speech made by reading a draft or a prompter. It was a sermon from the bottom of her heart. The crowd of 30,000 honored Dr. Moon with standing ovation and cheers. A Latin American lady wearing glasses cried out “Saranghamnida (I love you)!” in Korean with a smile. A blond girl, who was born as a FFWPU second generation through the Holy Blessing Marriage, was moved to the point of tears. Dr. Moon’s tone of voice was benevolent and warm, but she was nevertheless clear and firm when she pointed out various problems.

“Many lives on Earth are dying – in its land, its air and its water. In these challenging times, how can we stand by and watch? We must initiate a global movement that attends God, the Creator and Owner of the universe. All nations in the world are siblings who must attend God. We must work together and build the International Peace Highway, which can tie the world together by connecting Santiago, Chile, through North America, to Alaska and continue onward toward Eurasia and even Korea. It is my hope that this blessed continent will become a ‘Heavenly Latin America’ that can fulfill its responsibilities and attend God.”

Latin America holds rich natural resources, but suffers from ideological confusion

The FFWPU’s “ideal of world peace and spirit of interreligious harmony” was also declared at the inauguration of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IADP) held at the Renaissance Hotel in Sao Paulo on the same day. The interfaith water ceremony was held again right after the president of the Korean Religious Association Hyun-Young Lee delivered his welcoming remarks. Presentations were made by a Cardinal of the Dominican Republic, as well as by a leader of an indigenous religion in Argentina. There were no taboos or sanctuary evident before the just and great cause of interdependence and mutual prosperity to achieve peaceful unification.

On delivering his congratulatory remarks, Cardinal Kelvin Felix, a Roman Catholic Archbishop, showed a short video message by Pope Francis claiming that in front of peace, we are all children of God, and that all religions must become one through love.

Below is a short extract from Cardinal Felix’s remarks.

“In 1967, I heard that peace is another name for development. All of our prayers and devotions are made for the sake of harmony. I don’t mean only Christian harmony. It must be a harmony of all religions. When we listen and speak, we must respect each other with sincerity and wholeheartedness. On his visit to Korea, the Pope showed respect and listened carefully to those from other religions. We must respect such an (interreligious) attitude.”

At the Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) held at the same venue on August 3, political leaders presented their plans for building world peace. UPF Regional President for Central America and the Caribbean Dr. Chang-Shik Yang, who has been working as Dr. Han’s Special Emissary stated, “For the past seven months since last January, I have visited 33 Latin American countries, and asked the leaders of each countries for their assistance in this event.” He continued, “Many leaders, including the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Dominican Republic and the Presidents of Honduras and Costa Rica, shared the intention of FFWPU.” He then revealed, “Although he could not attend due to his busy schedule, President H.E. Michel Temer of Brazil, had also acknowledged his intention to participate.”

Today, Latin America is standing at the precipice of conflict and hope. Although it is a continent of vast potential, rich with natural resources, it is in a volatile situation. On one hand, two-thirds of its governments are left-wing. On the other hand, the “right cliques” are gaining power. Each country is facing ideological confusion. Social problems, such as human rights, national borders, drugs, crime and deviation, remain unsettled. I hope the peace movements carried out by the UPF and FFWPU would lead to political stability and leadership development in these countries and achieve national-scale improvements.

Following Dr. Yang’s report, an address was given by a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Co-chair of IAPP, Hon. Dan Burton. He stated, “Since I have been invited to serve as Co-chair of IAPP two years ago, I have visited over 80 countries and have shared Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s vision of peace with the leaders.” He then continued, “The IAPP will continue and expand its peace movements in the Korean peninsula in order to realize the reconciliation of North and South Korea. I believe the spirit of peace will spread throughout the leaders of Latin America.”


‘Family recovery’ and ‘prevention of deviation’ by CARP and YSP

On August 3, at 8 PM, the “Launching Rally of the Youth and Students for Peace (YSP)” was held in the Main Chapel of the Headquarters of FFWPU-Latin America in an ambience as heated as the other events. When the reporter entered the Headquarters building, people were already waiting in a long line that stretched outside of the lobby. They were second and third generation descendants of the FFWPU, who were born through the Holy Blessing Marriage, as well as the FFWPU members from around the globe, who came to take part in the YSP Rally. There was light rain that evening. The temperature dropped down into the lower 10s. However, nobody seemed to mind. They waited as they quelled their hunger with food dished out on paper plates. With a restless heart, a Korean mother and daughter quickened their pace on the stairs.

Exuberant shouts filled up my ears when I entered the Chapel. The chorus and cheers of youth who have packed the seats up to the balcony reminded me of a popular singer’s concert. There were about 1,000 participants. They all moved their bodies to the beat of music, dressed up in the same uniform, applauded in near-perfect synchronization, whistled loudly and laughed. The air of excitement that filled the venue like that of a K-POP concert. The same could be said of the band playing on stage. The young vocalist’s hymns matched the sound of the drum and guitar and sounded like a cool pop song. The yells and cheers grew larger as the International President of the FFWPU and a daughter of Rev. Moon and Dr. Han, Sun-Jin Moon and her husband appeared on stage.

The ideal FFWPU pursuits can be summarized as “true family recovery” and “interfaith movement.” During his lifetime, Rev. Moon devoted himself to complete the “World Scripture.” “Seventy percent of the doctrine of all religions are, practically speaking, the same,” said Rev. Moon. “From God’s perspective, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism and FFWPU are none other than His ‘five children.’ It will make God, our Parent most happy if all religions stop fighting and live in harmony,” he said.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who has inherited Rev. Moon’s great works, and is now leading the FFWPU, has strived to restore the value of love between parent and child that has been all but lost in today’s society. She has not only preached about the parent’s duty to teach Hyojeong (heart of filial piety), but also about the duty of the children. She claimed that as the whole world and all religions are united in the bosom of God, our ‘Heavenly Parent,’ world peace and harmony are possible only when each one of the family in the world stands upright. Below is a statement made by the FFWPU-Latin America Regional Chairman Rev. Sang-Seok Kim, who supervised the Latin America Summit and has served as a missionary of FFWPU-Latin America for the past 24 years.

“Latin America is plagued with ongoing conflicts such as corruption, national border disputes, drugs, family breakdown, single-parent families and gender identity crises. I believe these issues can be solved if each nation devotes more attention toward restoring the value of the family through this Family Festival (Rally for the Hopeful March Forward for the Providence in Latin America). The FFWPU is running organizations for the future generation under the teaching of ‘Hyojeong.’ They are the Collegiate Association ‘CARP’ and UPF’s Youth and Student for Peace. The two organizations are taking the lead in the pure love movement, as well as the prevention of deviation, so that the young people can grow upright. We have also launched the Sunhak Scholarship Foundation to cultivate future human resources.

Seven-time Brazilian Congressman ‘highly appreciate the missionary activities of Rev. Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’

The Latin America Summit garnered widespread attention because it was attended not only by FFWPU members, scholars, enterprisers and religious leaders, but also by various current and former political leaders from around the world. Influential figures, including nine former presidents, 10 current and former Chairmen of Congress and Vice-Speakers and 78 members of Parliament took part in the Family Festival alone.

In the Assembly of the IAPP, 20 sitting Congressmen from Brazil participated. We held an interview with one of the Congressmen, Nelson Marquezelli of the Brazilian Labour Party (PTB), who is known as the closest advisor of President Temer. Congressman Marquezelli is a veteran politician who has joined PTB 30 years ago and is currently in his seventh term in office. He has taken part in the Unification Movement ever since he has been appointed as “the first Ambassador for Peace in Brazil” by Rev. and Mrs. Moon 22 years ago.

– How did you become ‘the first Ambassador for Peace in Brazil’ of Rev. Moon?

“Thirty-five years ago, when Rev. Moon took a plane from Korea to New York, I happened to take the seat right next to him. He greeted me first in Spanish and gave me a book. He also invited me to his house. That was how I got to know his family and the people around him, and I was appointed as the first Ambassador for Peace in Brazil. Since then, every time he came to work in Latin America, I invited him to Brazil and supported him directly.”

– How do you think the Latin America Summit 2018 will influence the Latin American Countries?

“I welcome the peace movements of the FFWPU (who hosted the event). If we fail to achieve world peace, not only humanity, but also the Earth itself, cannot exist. The Family Festival held in the ‘Allianz Parque Arena,’ one of the main promotion areas in Brazil, is an event nobody can ignore. I believe their movement for family recovery shall also give good influences unto the surrounding society.”

– What is the status of FFWPU in Brazil?

“The missionary activities of Rev. Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon are highly appreciated and welcomed by the National Congress of Brazil. Their spiritual status is acknowledged by many Congressmen. UPF conferences have been held with the Congress several times. I believe no other religions can gather so many people to the venue. This is one of the reasons why so many leading figures in Latin America respect Rev. Moon and Dr. Moon. I think more leading Congressmen in office would have participated if it was not for the election this year.”


Rev. Sun Myung Moon prevented Communization by developing land in Brazil

It has been a long time since the FFWPU started its missionary activities in Latin America. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon have focused on pioneering in the American Continent from 20-30 years ago, under the recognition that “Latin America is the body (material) and North America is the mind (heart).” The construction plans of the “International Peace Highway” they disclosed in 1981 also began in Latin America. It was a plan to build a “direct overland route” that connects Latin America, which holds vast amounts of land and rich natural resources, to North America and all the way to Asia and Africa. It was a foundation for the world to unite under the title of peace. The following is a short summary of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s address delivered during the Opening Plenary of the Summit.

“If North America is the mind, Latin America is the body. The two must unite together to solve all conflicts in the world. This is why Rev. Moon and I have carried out the providence, centering on the Amazon Basin, Paraguay, the hidden land, the lungs and heart of Earth, since we began here twenty years ago. We cannot save our future without protecting this pristine land. From this perspective, I ask you to join our movement in building the ‘International Peace Highway.’”

Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon drew the blueprints of world peace, centering on Korea, Japan and New York and Washington, D.C. in the United States. Their vision reached out to Latin America, the continent on the Equator. For smooth operation of missionary activities, they must first get rid of Communism that was running rampant in several countries back then. According to the doctrine of the Unification Church, Communism, which fundamentally denies God’s existence, is a “Satanic thought.” This is because Communism can be linked to misguided liberation theology and atheistic ideology. In 1980, the two founders claimed, “We cannot stand any longer. We must bear a torch of the Victory over Communism (VOC) movement to the Latin American Continent,” and sent FFWPU members to Latin America. Through the movement of an organization based on Godism, CAUSA, they rectified the land that was Communized until 1991. The CAUSA movement has continued toward the establishment of the UPF, as well as Ambassadors of Peace activities.

As the two founders headed for Latin America in 1995, they carried out their missionary works centering on four countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. In particular, they focused on buying farms and land in Brazil and Paraguay. They secured land that extended up to more than ten times the area of Seoul. Back then, it was like derelict land. It was a base upon which to build the International Peace Highway in two countries. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon believed that God’s vision was hidden in this ‘wild land.’ In fact, the lands developed by the two founders have transformed into the strategic point of Latin America. It is also said that a respectable amount of natural resources lies in this area.

While they stayed in Latin America, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon worked in alliance with the government of each countries and FFWPU members, and guided the development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Risking the threats of savage animals and poisonous insects, they trekked into the jungles and explored the uninhabited lands. They also developed “fish releasing campaigns” to alleviate world food shortages. There was also an episode where hippies, who were addicted to drugs, cut their long hair and repented completely after listening to Rev. Moon’s sermon. This episode started to attract the attention of the political circles in the United States toward Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s activities.


‘Let the light of Hyojeong become the hope of the world’

The last event of the Latin America Summit 2018 was the Victory Celebration held at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo on August 8. More than 4,000 people, including FFWPU authorities and global members, as well as people from Latin American nations such as Peru, Uruguay and Costa Rica, took part in this event. The soulful melody of Korean traditional music, along with the zestful lyrics of daegeum, propagated around the venue where the structure of the auditorium rivaled an opera house. This event held under the title, “Shining Rays of Hope Around the World with a Filial Heart for Heaven,” artfully conveyed the virtues of filial piety and family cultures beyond the level of individual religious events.

The event opened with various cultural performances. A choir joined by people of various race sang “Obeoi Unhae (Parent’s Grace)” and a popular trot song in Korean. A dance group performed a theatrical musical to mesmerizing dance steps. It was a moment when ideological and national borders had disappeared, and everybody became united under God’s love and family customs. The camera caught choir members being moved to tears as they sang their songs. The audience, who were applauding, waved their arms and shouted out cheers. Then, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, dressed in a deep green suit, which reminded us of the Amazon forest, stood up on stage. Her voice was gentle like that of a mother speaking to her children.

“Our relationship is like that of a large tree that stands strongly without being shaken by any wind. You (second and third generation of Blessed Families) are like pure water in this fallen world. Now is the time for you to reveal the truth with confidence. When we reveal the truth with courage, we can establish a peaceful world and global family, the ‘Heaven on Earth.’”

What are the truths in her sermon? World unification can be achieved when we overcome religious disputes and ideological conflicts. True peace can be realized when all nations of the world harmonize and communicate like one family. Aren’t they the ‘universal values?’”


Interview with former President of Uruguay Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo


“We find ourselves in a freedom and human rights crisis due to leftist materialism…

The Family Federation’s movement for the settlement of peace must continue”

Former President of Uruguay Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo attended the Family Federation’s “2018 Latin America Summit” and gave a congratulatory address along with Dr. Han during the opening ceremony. Sanguinetti was born in Uruguay in 1936, and while originally a journalist and writer, served as the Minister of Industry and Commerce in the 1960s, the Minister of Education and Culture in the 1970s and as Uruguay’s 35th and 37th president. During his congratulatory address, he said, “Rev. Sun Myung Moon elucidated on True Family values, and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon tremendously advanced his achievements. The global village cannot enjoy much prosperity without religious harmony (as emphasized by Family Federation).”


– How do you think the Family Federation’s missionary activities will contribute to world peace?

“South America is currently placed in a crisis regarding the values of freedom, peace and human rights due to leftist materialism. Fabrication is rampant in social media. Humankind is mired in chaos with widespread (false) information. In the past, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon headed the CAUSA [Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas] and AULA [Association for the Unity of Latin America], established family values and consolidated Latin America. The Family Federation’s ‘Peace Initiative Activities’ comprise a profound movement, which will greatly contribute towards realizing the long-cherished ideals of society.”

– How is Uruguay taking in the Family Federation’s values and doctrine?

“South America also emphasizes the value of the traditional family, which is also highly esteemed in Korea. We must now acknowledge how there are problems in each family. In the present, we face high divorce rates and various conflicts stemming from family discord. The family is the basic unit of society. This is even stated in the Constitution. We must restore the imperiled family system through the Family Federation’s peace movements. During my time in office, the Uruguayan government protected Rev. Moon to enable him to freely carry out his missionary activities. The Uruguayan people are accepting towards the Family Federation’s cause and regard it with high esteem.”

– The UPF’s Interreligious Association of Peace and Development of Latin America was inaugurated during this rally. What are your thoughts regarding this?

“These are very important activities, in which religious people gather together and strive for peace. The conclusion of World War II brought about the confrontation between the Communist world and the democratic world in the Cold War Era. The conclusion of the Cold War was followed by religious strife. Not all, but the minority given by extreme Islamists, is causing the destruction of peace in the West. If religious people converse with each other and advance towards harmony, we can overcome terrorism, maintain balance and establish the realm of peace.”

– What sort of efforts are you considering to make in order to support the advancement towards the settlement of peace in South America?

“Although I am not a Unification Church believer myself, I have been supporting the Family Federation’s activities for the restoration of true families and interfaith activities over the past several years alongside UPF. I will continue to lend my applause and support towards Dr. Han’s tremendous work.”

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