America Helps Nigeria Build a 3000 Book Library


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, recently contributed $3,672.62 on behalf of the American Unification movement to ship 3,000 books to Family Federation for a Heavenly Nigeria. This is one of the many ways the American Unification family is fulfilling True Mother’s desire by contributing to the providence in Africa and around the globe.

Rev. George Ogurie, President of the southern West Africa Region for a Heavenly Africa, along with the Family Federation for a Heavenly Nigeria headquarters staff received the books at the Peace Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, in August. They then cleared out an office and dedicated it to housing about half of the library in eight large bookcases. The other half, consisting largely of elementary education texts, will be kept in storage for eventual use in a church-based school.

When the Unification youth of the early Nigerian blessed families began to reach school age, there was a growing need for a Family Federation school because local public schooling was inadequate. Blessed families had to place their children in private schools, if they were able to afford them. The others did their best to supplement their children’s education at home despite full time missions and jobs.

With that need in mind, Dr. Michael and Maria Kiely, Abel National Messiahs for Family Federation for a Heavenly Nigeria, began to assemble books for the school. Maria and the couple’s daughter had been elementary school teachers and had amassed a substantial library of teaching materials. When the Kielys became empty nesters, they sold their home and moved. They downsized in part by placing the library in storage, intending to ship it to Nigeria in 2014.

After four years of fruitless searching for a way to ocean ship the library to Africa, Dr. Kim kindly offered to do it as a way for Family Federation for a Heavenly USA to support the Africa providence. With substantial help from Rev. Sebastian Huemer, the Pastor of the Albany Family Church, the books were loaded onto pallets and trucked to the port of Bayonne, NJ for ocean shipment.

The new Peace Embassy library consists of Divine Principle books and other Family Federation publications, True Parents’ speeches, and works on theology, philosophy, church growth, history, finance, psychology and personal development, parenting, non-profit administration, and more. There is also a complete Encyclopedia Britannica.

Family Federation for a Heavenly Nigeria plans to create an online index for the library to make it more accessible to local Unificationists. But the elementary school is still a long-hoped-for dream for future development.

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