Albania: 6th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension

By Manjola Vasmatics, FFWPU Albania

Over 250 leaders, Blessed Families, members and Ambassadors for Peace from all over Albania and Kosovo, who dearly love True Parents, gathered to honor True Father’s life and legacy, on September 3rd, 2018, at the main hall of Tirana International Hotel, on the significant occasion of the 6th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension.

Deep and enlightenment words of love and wisdom from the teachings of True Parents, were read at the start of the ceremony by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, vice/president of FFWPU-Albania, who moderated the program of the ceremony.

The Ambassador for Peace Mr. Ali Laçej, gave the welcoming remarks and brought True Father’s figure alive and close to all of us. Through sharing his personal experiences he ceased some of the yearning we still feel in our hearts even after 6 years of passing.

Through a video we saw how True Parents devoted the entire life dreaming and working with one single mindset to realize the world peace. Then, representatives from Blessed Families and Ambassadors for Peace offered flowers to honor True Father’s noble life.

Mrs. Arlinda Elbasani, representing CARP Albania, wrote a heartfelt letter to True Father and shared how she felt his fatherly love and care even in her dreams.

After the artistic program, a testimony was given by the UPF chairman of Albania, Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, who attended many diverse events for the occasion, in Korea. He expressed his determination to spread the movement of AP all over Albania.

He was followed by Mrs. Savjola Konja, representing Blessed Families, who has been attending True Parents since her student years, and shared how on this journey she discovered the model and ideal of life for her and all humanity.

We felt True Mother’s genuine love, through setting the tradition of commemorating True Father’s Holy Ascension in such a special way, and also from our National Leader Mr. Gani Rroshi, who came back from Korea on that day, and shared how True Mother wants to love, embrace and bless all humanity and her determination is to never stop to realize vision 2020, and bring humanity back to Heavenly Parent. He shared how True Parents walked the way of becoming true people, true parents and true owners.

We wanted to express how much we love and how much we long for True Father so blessed families leaded the audience into singing the Sarang Hae.

Through four cheers of Eok-Mansei, we offered our hearts and determination to unite with True Mother by practicing a heart of filial piety.

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