Norway: A Visit to Bring True Mother’s Message


By Steinar Murud, FFWPU Norway

Our continental leader couple Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb visited Norway from September 8th-10th. After their arrival on Saturday from New York, there was time for some sightseeing. We went to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, from which we enjoyed a spectacular view over Oslo from 400 meter above sea level.

In the evening we had a dinner together with the FFWPU board where Dr. and Mrs Balcomb could meet and come to understand the situation of each board member.

The next day, during Sunday Service we sang some songs from the Hillsong band and saw excerpts from the Global News. Next, Mrs Balcomb gave a greeting and Dr. Balcomb gave a sermon on the topic: «Time to Step Out». He talked about the Bible story in which Jesus walked on the water. One disciple had the courage to step out of the boat to meet Jesus; the others hesitated. He then asked us; «Who are we? » Are we the ones in the boat or are we the one that has the courage to step out?

The service was followed by a potluck buffet lunch, as well as coffee and cakes. Dr. and Mrs Balcomb took time to talk with members, carefully listening to those with special requests.

After the service a group of eight members went to the Holy Ground, where we sang and prayed together. After a visit to the Royal Palace and the City Hall, Dr. and Mrs Balcomb had a valuable meeting with our younger generation. The day ended with a short meeting with one of our Peace Ambassadors.

On Monday morning during breakfast there was a fruitful conversation between our continental leader couple and the national leader to sum up impressions from the weekend and receive good advice for our future work, before it was time to leave for the airport for their flight to Minsk.

From all Norwegian members: thank you for the visit and thank you for good guidance and advice!

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