Zambia: True Family Movement

Prepared by WFWP Zambia

The True Families Movement in Zambia is taking root and spreading fast. This time, our event took place in Lusaka with 36 participants and the them for the event was “Forgive, Love and Unite (FLU) and the goal is to create an environment of witnessing by reaching out to families and their neighbors.

On the 28th July 2018, the members of FFWPU Zambia and WFWP Zambia held an outreach program centering on the Mumba family, the program includes prayers, Hoon Dok Hae, presentation of gifts to the host family and sharing a meal with them.

This program which will be held on a monthly basis has been very much appreciated by the families who have found it inspiring and a way of bringing families together.

Many families now appreciate the fact that now they can use that forum to visit each other and share the True Parents words and love.

They are determined to spread the FLU to their neighbors and their communities.

During the occasion, Mrs Susan Kone the WFWP IVP for Africa explained the meaning of the True Families movement and thanked all families for their full participation in the program.

In their vote of thanks, Mr and Mrs Mumba the hosts expressed their profound joy for this gesture and thanked all the visitors for their presents and the visit.

The program ended with a prayer from the FFWPU President Rev. David Phiri and 3 Cheers of Eok Mansei from Mrs Everlyn Chimfwebe.

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